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Some people mask the areas that contains rubber or black plastic trim. Others after a while are used to knowing their abilities and can do without.

Machines should never scare you if you use good judgement and a good machine.

For most people who are not "pro" detailers, have not purchased an orbital or scared of the one they have I would recommend the Griot's Garage Random 6" Orbital. It is pretty hard to mess up with their orbital. Their system is great for newbies and pro's alike.

Adams Super VRT is a great trim and tire dressing. I like silicon spray myself since it is also water repellent but I am ordering the Adam's Super VRT to see how well it lasts after a drive in the rain.

The Random Orbital along with using the clay bar, Cleaner #3 for fine surface scratches and then a good wax should have your baby shine up very pretty

Trust me I used to be the same with orbitals. I practiced on used parts to get the hang of orbitals back in the day before you could dial in your speed.

I purchased the Griot's Random Orbital as well. It really does a great job.
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