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My understanding of the cold weather CCV kit is that it insulates the pipes and separator to prevent freezing and cracking (what kills the CCV), not keep it from condensating.

I am planning on collecting a bunch of the sludge and playing with it. Curious what happens when you heat it up (does it dissapate?), does carb cleaner or sea foam eat it up? etc...

Also, for anyone who has torn down a M5X engine with this problem in the winter, do you find it anywhere except the valve cover?

I think this is why its important to use a winter weight oil, and change first thing in the spring.

I am the poster child for this crap, I drive 5 miles to work, park it for 8 hours, then drive 5 miles home. I never drive on the weekends, and my car sits outside its whole life. But, in 3 years of m5x cars, I havent had a CCV issue.

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