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Originally Posted by papasmurf View Post
Come to the TGI Friday's meet in Wayne on Tuesday. I'm usually there but just about always with my beater.
ohhayy!! I'll be seeing you again soon man, I want to see your X

Originally Posted by pnoyako85 View Post
hahahah....just trying to meet in the middle you are Far From Us.......
Yo man were you out on rt.18 friday night at the car meet by burger king across from seville diner? My brother thinks he spotted you, will you be there this friday? I'll bring the x5m out.

Originally Posted by hoaesq View Post

Ride looks sweet. 2 in is a bit lower than I'd like but it looks sweet. Planning on picking up an M in the next few months and was wondering if you had any problems since owning it. Just doing my research. Seen a few folks on this forum having some major/ghost issues with their M.

Also, thought about the Renntech upgrade instead of Dinan? I think the Renntech gets a little more power and is slightly less expensive.

I have heard some horror stories too but I have not had any major issues. Just maintenance and since its lowered I cracked some plastic in the engine bay on shitty NJ roads where the hood seals but bmw replaced it. I have looked into tunes and renntech kicks ass but I've been leaning toward Dinan. Mainly because of the warranty and reliability.
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