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BMW Dealer Recommendation in Northern NJ

Hi gang,

I am very close to selecting my next car and the 550 M-Sport has worked it's way as one of the favorites.

This would be BMW #3 for me, as I currently have an e70 and and an e90 and I am looking to up-size from the e90.

The challenge I am facing is that the individuals that helped me get into the two current cars are no longer with the BMW dealerships - one from Difeo (now Tenafly) and the other from Prestige. As a result, I've been working with a (random) dealer from both Prestige and Paul Miller but do not feel any love.

The individual from Prestige is just not attentive, while the dealer from Paul Miller forwarded me a credit app via email to submit before we can schedule a test drive - I'm not sure whether that's the new BMW sales style or if I should be insulted by that last gesture but it definitely got me thinking there has to be someone more professional to deal with. And I've also walked into Park Ave BMW before but never got the warm and fuzzies with the sales dept (even though I go to them for service).

This recent experience has me seriously considering my (brand) options. I stepped into a Benz dealership recently (to look at the E and GL) and felt a total opposite experience - they acknowledged my presence and were happy to offer a test drive. And I've recently connected with my past Audi dealer that got me into two cars before I converted to BMW - he is more than happy to get me back into an Audi.

With all that said, doe anyone have a dealer that they've worked with in the Northern NJ area that they would recommend - and keep me with the brand? I actually liked the one individual dealer from the Difeo BMW days but he is no longer affiliated.

I welcome any help and suggestions anyone can offer.

Thanks in advance,
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