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Smile DIY Spark Plug Replacement - E70 3.0si

Here is my contribution to Outpost as I couldn't find one out there for the E70.

Spark Plug Replacement DIY

Vehicle Info:
2007 BMW E70 X5 3.0si

Tools/Materials needed:
Spark Plug Socket - 5/8
An extension set with multiple length. This is very useful
6 Spark Plugs (for 3.0si) – NGK (1208) ILZFR6D11 Laser Iridium
Anti-seize compound
Large and small flat head screwdriver
Mini ratcheting wrench
Hex bit 3/16 size or Allen wrench

Step 1: Start by removing the center engine cover by unscrewing 4 hex bolts using a ratcheting wrench. The furthest inside hex bolts was the most difficult one to access as there is virtually no room on the 3.0. I had to remove the clip that was holding a pair of wires to gain access for a small ratcheting wrench. See pic below. Once they’re loose, lift the cover up and away.

Step 2: Remove the ignition coils. With a small flathead screwdriver gently pry the top of the ignition coil release latch. This will unlock the connector and then disconnect the wiring from the ignition coil. Next you can wiggle out the coil or used a long flat head screwdriver to lift the coil out.

Step 3: Using a spark plug socket and a 6” inch extension, Place it down into the hole where the coil came out of. Twist it until you can press it down on the spark plug. You will hear a pop/click. You can now loosen the spark plug.

Step 4: Get the new plugs and apply an anti-seize compound around the threaded area to avoid seize and corrosion.

Step 5: Place the new spark plug inside the socket and place it down the hole. Firmly press the coil back onto the plug, and then re-attach the connector. Lock it by pushing the black top down. *Make sure you make sure the ignition coil is seated firmly back into its slot. Do the same steps for the rest of the spark plugs and coils.

IMPORTANT: Please torque to specs and refer to any legitimate source for info.

Step 6: Finally, re-install everything in reverse order. Wipe the engine down with a rag and some degreaser while you have the cover off. Start engine and make sure it works.

I am not responsible or liable for any damage of any property or injury resulted in performing this DIY. It is highly recommended to implement safety procedures at all times.

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