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Don't neglect CCV valve

157000km ... -26 Celsius (without wind)...

I realize that some oil burning and create smoke ... after less than 1 km of driving. Stop somewhere to check what is wrong. I saw only smoke in engine bay so i decide to check the oil to be sure that i have enough to go home ...

PPPSSSSSSHHHH oil spitted everywhere from the dipstick with enought pression to hit the hood and cover ALL the engine bay ... got me half covered with oil ... what a mess ... ending up on the towing with front end full of oil ...

Sludge in CCV valve frozen up, valve cover blowing up ... according with mechanic.I stop the engine before pression blow up crank seal or ending up in a hydro-lock in oil ... Sludge accumulation was caused by extented recommended () maintenance interval ...

normally it's a 4 hours jobs, in my case that take 6 hours to clean all the oil, changed belt and valve cover gasket ...
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