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Cold Air Intake & Our x5m's? Custom Project?

I have always been a fan of modding bmws and been fortunate to own/mod them since i was 16..

The very first mod id usually install on my previous models was a cold air intake kit.. Usually it would be a heat shield with a cone type air filter.. Or maybe just an aftermarket intake box with a bigger filter.

With the x5m's it seems like besides a replacement filter NOBODY makes a completely replacement intake kit for this vehicle.. something with tubing, heat shield, bigger size filter etc..

While inspecting the x5ms engine bay and where the stock filters are and where the intake manifolds are.. it seems like an easy custom project of making some tubing to go from the engine intake manifolds to the front grilles.. something like this

My question is; is the hassle worth it? Will the turbo/engine improve a lot due to a bigger intake with cooler air.. ? Or is just a waste of time to mess with a car like this?
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