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Originally Posted by Bayerische E53 View Post
Hi, Gang.

My driver's door handle is in the dreaded "stuck out" position indicating that my carrier is a goner.

ECS wants $100 for an OEM replacement (which I assume is a fair price because ECS basically gives us wholesale prices).

ECS also has an off-brand ("MTC") for under $50. Home Page > Search > 51218243615 > ES#2091846 Door Handle Carrier - Left - 51218243615

I generally NEVER buy non-OEM parts, but since this X5 is my "beater" I figured I could be a bit more lenient so long as the part is of decent quality. What does everyone think? Should I just get the MTC carrier? Anyone had any experience with it?

Thanks in advance.

B E53
I was skeptical but ordered the aftermarket carrier on eBay for like $50.. I was pleasently surprised to find to very comparable to the OEM broken handle with regard to fit and finish.. You wouldn't know it was not OEM when holding in your hand.. it was that well made... I installed it no problem and its been on the car for over a year or so now no problems.. I would not hesitate to order the china ebay version and save yourself some cash...

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