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2006 E53 X5 4.8iS N62 engine
bought in June 2012 with 66K miles
May of 2013 - 88K miles

last oil change April 26, 2013 at 85K with Castrol 5W30

Blue smoke on extended idle...

ordered two CCVs from BMW of Fairfax, online price $17.24 each + tax...

popped the 4 screws off the "6-pack" (engine cover sculpted after a bodybuilder's chest), wiggled out the side plastic covers with BMW letters,

popped the left CCV (left as the forward direction of drive), membrane is intact - still replaced it...

popped the right CCV... torn!!! see the pics... replaced the CCV... made sure everything is snapped together firmly, put everything back together...

used Artyom's method of idling in driveway (I was doing something else, and let the car idle), after 15-20 minutes hit the gas - still smoke!!!

Next course of action - engine flush with LiquiMoly, new oil (bought 10 qts Castrol 5W40, was at Autozone on promo at $30 for 5 qts + FRAM filter, I got 2 filters for the neighbor's GMC and Town and Country), will be using 2 bottles of Auto-RX to add to the new oil...

got 4 oil filters from BMW of Fairfax (they are local to me, about 40 miles), $15.35 each + tax.

Never changed oil in any of my cars, even though worked on them, will be doing change myself... wish me luck...
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