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You can close it

For future reference, if the back is stuck up you can easily close it without taking anything off. It's easier with 2 people, but one can do it.

If you look under the small rear panel glass in the track, you will see a black plastic "triangle" on either side. It's just an injection molded plastic piece with a hole in the center. You don't need to remove anything to see it, it's right underneath the panel on both sides, just open the headliner and shine a flashlight up. Essentially, while the roof is attempting to be closed, you need to take a screw driver and push these two sliding pieces back. They slide fairly easily as the roof is coming down.

I've never done it with the power button (although, it would probably work). I always take the tool in the trunk and have someone manually crank the roof down while i push the plastic pieces back.

The procedure to manually close the roof is laid out clearly in the owners manual (pop off the front trim piece by the button to expose the hex screw by the motor, and use the hex tool to turn). It's very easy. You just turn the hex screw and push the pieces back until the rear is back in position flat.

All in all, it's about a 5-10 minute job. On the 3 cars I've had to do it with (yes, 3 in one family! Go ahead and try to Tell me that's not a design defect...but I digress) each and every one could then use the sunroof again like normal to open and close BUT the tilt function is gone/broken (its not broken from the closing fix, it broke when it got stuck).

Once the back was closed, No one in my family cared enough about the tilt function to go on and replace the assembly. The rest of the roof continues to work like normal.
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