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For my X3 I've been driving on kumho ecsta 4x 235/55r17 on the stock rims. They've been great year round.... smooth quiet and grippy in summer and winter. I've driven on them for the last two years and it's time to replace them.... I've enjoyed them so much and with 130k on the x3, it has been a joy to drive it so I plan to "long term" it. I've gone ahead and bought the same tire in 255/40r19 on Avante Garde m310 rims. I plan to put some blizzacks or something close on the stock rims for winter snow boarding trips. But the nice thing about the kumhos is, I won't be entirely pressed to swap wheels if I don't feel like it.

Now I just need to wait for the new wheel package to show up...

I have yokohama tires on the e30. Those are hard core grippy but noisy. Stiff side walls and what not. When comes time to replace them I'm going to go with something different.
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