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Originally Posted by 2k328ci View Post
Hi all,

Now that we have great winter tires (Michelin X-Ice2), I was looking for summer only tires for our X3 to replace our aging OEM Pirelli Scorpions. The most important part is safety and rain traction as this is our family vehicle. Good treadwear would be nice too. What do you guys think about Michelin Touring HPs or is going back to the Scorpions the best option?

Additionally, I have 235/55R17 now on my 8" style 204 OEM rims - can I go with a 275/55R17 for a slightly wider look?
The tire size is quite different I think I'd go with a 255/50R17 if I wanted a wider tire without changing wheels. You're adding almost an inch of section width. not a lot of choices but you can read reviews on tire rack
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