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Originally Posted by JCL View Post
Thanks. I have last generation Ultegra, Dura Ace 7800, and my wife is riding Dura Ace 7900. All work very well. I would have carried on with Shimano for this bike, but it was available built up with SR11 at a special price. I wanted the R, the traditional frame (for Cervelo) compared to the aero S, so a traditional grupo made sense. This was a dream bike for me, so if I was ever going to do it, it was this time. I haven't regretted it. While it is beautiful to look at, especially the details, it works very well too. A friend always told me that others wear out, while Campag wears in. I get it. Now I have to decide how many custom Campy shop tools I am going to add to the kit. And I had to move away from SPD-SL pedals, I couldn't put them on this bike. And then I decided I needed Zipp 303s. And so it goes.

Distractions indeed.

A couple more shots of the details.

Jeff, you have chosen wisely. Campy never let me down and had smoother feel than Dura Ace for me. As precise as Shiamno is, Campy never had a notched or snappy feeling. It's hard to describe, but Campy just has a distinctive feel about it that I kept coming back to. Much like a BMW. Enjoy and watch out for those Campy exclusive tools as they will take over a tool box. Ask me how I know.
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