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There is nothing wrong with Mann or Mahle as suppliers, they both make filters for BMW. The problem is that when you buy their product directly, at best, you are getting something that physically fits. That's it. The rest is unknown. We don't have published specs on the OE filtering media in terms of micron rating, dirt capacity, or filter media life. So, with a generic filter, there is no performance guarantee. For those reasons, I won't use will-fit jobber parts for critical things like oil filters. It would be like buying Castrol oil, give that they are an OE supplier, and not worrying about what weight or API certification it had, just that it came in one quart bottles like the OE oil does. And you would get the cheapest Castrol oil because it was packaged in a kit.

If you want to use the Mann filter, it isn't a big risk, but I wouldn't leave it in as long as the OE one is capable of. That is the most likely performance difference.

Yes, you need all the o rings, plus an oil drain plug washer. Dealer usually provides them, at least they always did to me when I bought oil filters.

I never did my own diagnostic scan for Inspections 1 or 2, I used the dealer. Sorry, can't help there.
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