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Originally Posted by Naz24 View Post
Geez. These X5 Ms are already 4 years old? Oh how time flies.

It really depends on your driving style, id say anywhere between 25-60k. I know it's a large range... If you have a good relationship with your SA, he will do the job for you even if you're not due.

Thought of extending the warranty?
Yeah, I know, the 4 years flew by! lol. Yes that is a large range. I'll be going in for service in a few weeks. I'll ask them at that time what they can do but I won't hold my breath hoping they will go ahead and do it early. hehe. Any idea what the dealer charges for brake and rotor replacement?

As far as my driving style, I would say I normally on the aggressive side getting only about 200-250 miles per tank. But having said that, I don't usually brake late and hard. I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry in that regard.

Yes, I plan on buying the BMW extended warranty for up to 7yr/70K. Still deciding if I need the platinum vs the gold, as I've never had any nav electronics problems except for the rear view camera being glitchy. Buying the extended maintenance makes no sense for me given how many miles I drive per year lately.
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