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I was hoping somebody who had some experience in human optics might chip in here but in lieu of that I’ll add my 2.2c from my limited understanding on this subject.
The human eye can only see a certain range within the light spectrum and within this visible range there is a peak in which your eyes are most sensitive. Either side of this peak and the sensitivity drops away.
Also, not everybody has the same ‘peak’ in the sensitivity but it is generally accepted that most people have a peak sensitivity at night time (reflected light) of 507nm which is equivalent to 5,900K.
This is the main reason why HID lamps appear brighter than a halogen when they are producing the same light output because typical HID units are around 4300K whereas a typical halogen lamp is around 3200K at best.
For most people, going much beyond 5,900K would have a perceived reduction in brightness although many HID units put out far more light than the standard halogen setup which may make up the difference.
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