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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
It has been impossible for me to determine if all the transmission problems posted happen to all the transmissions or if some are more problematic than others. Further, I can't decipher what transmissions are prone to which particular problems.

One of the reasons I am interested, while I am not having any transmission problems, I am over 100,000mi on the original transmission. When I have transmission problems I would like to be able to consider any other compatible transmissions that would be more reliable and able to handle more torque than my original transmission. Thus far, my take is I would have to pay big bucks for an aftermarket improvement.
Brian, I think we have the same trans (5HP24) except you have a slightly larger TC (due to the extra grunt of the 4.6). I did a fluid/filter change (3 drain/fill, new filter on last fill) at 100k miles. 173k miles now with no issues (even using the Castrol Multicar Import, some on here and B'forums stated failure would soon follow because of missing "friction modifiers"). Planning another series of drains/fills soon and will be checking the pan mags closely.

There's no such thing as a lubricant with infinite life (even syns) and I'm suspect of BMWs motivition in making such a claim at the EXACT time they began no charge sched maint. Even the maint sched provided with my X stated 100k fluid swaps, when I pointed it out to the Senior SA at a Florida BMW dealer it was dismissed a printing error. In the same breath he informed me that BMW translates trans lifetime as 100k miles.
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