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if you have the nav computer but it is not showing up on the display (menu generated by the TV module, appearance is different from menu from nav), your nav is not on the iBus.

it can be off the iBus for a million reasons - first off, no power to the nav computer... then, a broken wire, could be actual iBus wire or any other wire... could be broken or could be shorted to another wire/chassis...

it could be an internal problem of the nav computer - say, when it is cold, it is working, when it is hot, it is dead...

you need to narrow it down as much as possible... or... just replace it and get an MK4. do you have 16:9 or 4:3 screen? an MK4 computer should support both types of screen...

also, check some repair services - there is a guy somewehere in UK, Baris (or Boris?) who has a good reputation in fixing these things...
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