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lol.... i am not english and very far from UK - further than you... lol...

but that guy, Baris, is serving folks worldwide, the US, the AUS, etc...

another option, to go with the aftermarket Nav system...

but, since you have a TV module, do you have the TV module's AV leads wired up in the car? you can use the AV IN to feed the aftermarket navigation picture to the car... it is a bit more involved technically but does not require much modifications to the car, just a video-in-motion hardware, which is a plug-n-play, and the unit that can produce the desired video - I am in process of getting my smart phone into the system... you can see some of the posts in that reference on our forum...

good luck with whatever you decide to do - the E39 is one of the best looking cars on the planet!!!!

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