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for the power distribution, i got myself some very low gauge wires, a relay that could candle 30A at the switching contacts and bunch of terminal posts... in short, you need to find yourself a line that has power when car is awake, and goes to sleep once the car is asleep... I found that line under drivers seat, tapped into that line (used a 2-pin factory connector, actually there was a spot to fasten the factory connector, so it looks like it was born with it), and ran that line to the relay - the relay is using very low amperage to throw the contacts, i sourced a Panasonic relay that matched my specs (see my TO DO LIST thread for the specs of the relay), and the rest is more of electromechanical than electronic setup... the signal from under the drivers seat controls the relay... the relay contacts control the fat cables wired directly to the battery, at the 200A fuse location, that is always hot... I also wired a bunch of free hanging power leads from the box for future power needs, should i need to tap into the power...

very convenient setup, this way I am certain, that if any of my aftermarket devices have a parasitic draw, the relay will cut it off after 16 minutes... and since the main line is fed from the battery directly, the GM module that controls the sleep pattern will not stay awake (it stays awake if there is a draw over certain threshold) indefinetely, and WILL go to sleep - tested with the DVD players playing two DVDs in the headrests, and then just being cut off once the car fell asleep...

that thread that i mentioned, should have pics too...
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