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Originally Posted by bren3085 View Post
Personally I dont think there is enough appeal in the design..
For me to love a car you need to look at it from more than just one angle and be able to say "I really like the look of this car" and put a smile on your face!

I remember when I had an e39 i'd walk up to it and think it was such a timeless design whether you talk up to it from the front, rear , or side..

If you have to hunt around the car and look for your hero view then to me it really isn't so pretty.. to me I can hardly find a view of the exterior that i "love"

Interior on the other hand is completely different. I love it!
I agree, there's too many angles where this latest design looks very awkward, un-proportioned, etc. The e53 had the best proportions and lines, the e70 is second with some stronger lines in the front, but too large in the back. This one has a bad nose, big 'full diaper' tail, and it's lost the strong muscular lines. The interior is a different story; it's become more refined.
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