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I just installed my Valeo's last night with halogen bulbs and its an unreal difference over the DEPO brand. I know the \Valeo are at least twice the cost, but in my opinion, there is NO comparison to fit, finish and function of the valeo. The Depos even looked different when I compared the two. in every way. the black plastic opening is different, the exterior glass is different, the projector is not as clear, the bulb holder is CHEAP/not stable at all in the DEPO brand. just absolute crap when compared to the Valeo. Now when I turn on my Valeo's the cut off is insanely sharp and WIDE. Did I mention they are WIDE. holy moly!!!
I'd recommend to not cheap out on these parts. i'm a lighting nut like RB (and probbly X5SND to be honest) and would never ever settle for DEPO's again.
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