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Rough idle, harsh down shift when stopping

What's going on guys? It's been a while since I've been on here. My wife's POS Kia died, and as the cookie crumbled she took over my 02 X5 as her daily driver.

About 2 months ago 2 deer jumped out in front of her on her way to work. She took 1 out... But it took out the 'ol X5. It was a great ride and I'll miss it for sure.

My wife liked the X5 but thought it was a bit big for her. So after we got insurance money we went out to get an X3. We got a 2006 X3 with 98k on the clock. We like it, we test drove other make and models but none drove like an X3.

Now that said, this X3 has a rough idle when in park. It idles fine when in drive (but stopped). The dome light dims in sync with the rough idle. Any other part of the RPM (above idle) no issues. It runs as intended.

The 2nd and last issue is when slowing down to a stop... It clunks just before it's stopped. It seems to me it's a tranny issue. But I could be wrong. I should add this happens when slowly slowing down. If I come to a more agressive stop there is no clunk. So I'm stumped.

I'm getting no warning or error lights in dash. No check engine or fail safe like I had in my X5 when the torque converter was shitting the bed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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