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Intermediate lever date stamp?

Since I've got my valve covers off - I figured I'd take a peek at the intermediate lever date-stamp to see if mine were either:

1. Within the date-range of "bad" ones

2. Have been replaced already.

I don't see a date code anywhere? Is it possible they have been replaced with the improved type?

Look for the intermediate lever production date (stamped on the lever, next to the smaller roller contacting the eccentric shaft).

If the production date is in the range between "04 180" and "04 324" (e.g. day 324 of the year 2004), then the whole set of intermediate levers (16) has to be replaced. The same classification of levers must be used when ordering the intermediate levers (classification number is stamped below production date). There are 5 classifications of levers used in the N62 engine.

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