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Windshields are made by 2 or 3 companies worldwide. Then they put whatever logo on it to be OEM and the price goes up.

I installed already 2 windshields with light sensors - no BMW logo on them and they work perfect. One on my e39 the other on my e53. The e53 had when I purchased it, the auto lights didn't work. Checked it and the cutout for the light sensor was blocked off with dark paint (same stuff that is on the edge of the windshield. The windshield was perfect, but I changed it to have the auto lights & rainsensing wipers work.
You still have to recalibrate the element with GT1/INPA after the install. No issues.

Maybe the first couple times they installed the windshield with the blocked out window - it's hard to see, because it's behind the rear view mirror and with or without the sensor you have to look really hard to spot the cutout for the sensor.
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