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Originally Posted by smwmustang View Post
bcredliner - head work? In my 86 mustang 5.0 it is easy to just tear the engine down and put it back together. I know the BMW engines are well built but not sure once they have been torn down, rode hard and put up wet!

Yes, RACINGBMW there is a chance the engine is shot completely but it was only run without full pressure for about a mile. However, it was enough to take out two lifters and a head so anything is possible.

I am taking a chance with it but I expect to have it gone before that happens. It seems to be running great, but I have not had it more than 24 hours since the end of October so tomorrow will be a good sign if it is still running. HA! Anything that happens soon the shop will have a hard time dismissing as their fault.

Time will tell and hopefully it won't be mine then. Too bad, I really loved this car and searched for some time to find all the options.
I thought I had a good reason for asking about head work at the time but I have no idea why now. oopsie.
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