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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
I prefer using a polymer sealant as an LSP (power lock and sonax polymer net shield are my favorites currently) because many traditional paste waxes might not have the 6 month durability of a sealant.

After the 24 hour cure of my sealant I usually follow up with a coat of wax on top for added depth to the shine, Collinite 845 or Adams Americana paste wax are my current favorites for topper waxes.

If you're getting major coin for the detail and already have the Swissvax product that's great, but I'd be sure to charge the customer accordingly for using a $200 LSP as opposed to Sonax Net Shield which is $27
Yeah im with you on that, definitley for a daily driver like my X5 ill use the Powerlock or something. ON the 930 however i dont take it out every day, not in rain either.

It just feels much more Authentic and lovable to use this on it, kinda hard to explain.

SO authentic that the Swissvax sleeps on the table beside my bed instead of in the detailing bins in the garage

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