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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
A lot of silicone will do that Slick.

It's an old trick but why put an oily silicone finish on your car? For touchups and spritzing wipe downs I have a dedicated QD/Detail Spray that works amazing and makes the paint look freshly glossed, I just don't have the heart to put down a product that I use for dusting my coffee table on my paint.
Oh, I didn't say I do it. I am too busy to detail my car. I just take it somewhere and pay money. I used to like doing it, but a good job takes all day, and you always need to have a proper supply of stuff. I gave up on it a while ago.

I know about the pledge, because I have a friend with really expensive old Porsches, and that is exactly what he does. Swears by it. And I have seen it first hand to say that it looks great. Not sure how good for the car it is, but I makes his RUF look like it just rolled out the paint booth.
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