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2007 X3 Problems (3months) advice?

Hello fellow BMW enthuiasts!!

I purchased my 2007 BMW X3si used in December 2013, so just a couple of months ago. Have a couple of issues that came up.

Yes, I have been on other forums as well researching and learning. I am new to the German cars.

Recently, I was getting on to the highway/freeway and I floored it to match speeds on the highway, but after 3k-4k rpms, my car started to "bog"-yellow service engine soon light came on. I pulled off the highway, shut off the car for a minute and started the car. Everything drove normal again and no light. It has happen a couple of times now.

Any idea? Plan to take it in to the shop on Monday, so thought I would throw it out there in case someone has had the same thing happen.

Second: I have been hearing this buzzing noise under my radio/cd unit. Everything is oem. When I turn off the car, it still goes on for another 3-4 minutes. Some times it starts low and then gets extremely high and annoying. I know some have had this issue but no one that I found has found out what the issue is.

Any info/advice would help. Thanks
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