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Unit107, the replacement of the injector was $1500.00. The EGR cooler was quoted at $1500.00, but I evidently made a good case to the dealer that when they replaced the EGR valve, they apparently did some damage to the cooler. I was told that cannot be as they are two separate items. A meeting with the SA accompanied by a printout of the REALOEM drawing showing that the two parts are actually connected, resulted in the dealer replacing the cooler at no charge.

I give credit to the dealer for stepping up, but it bothers me that a person with a lesser understanding may have replaced all of the injectors at a cost of $3700.00 ( which was the dealer's recommendation) as well as the EGR cooler, and that person would have been none the wiser while the dealer was enriched by over $5k.

Message- it pays to question the recommendations and learn about what is being told to you. I can only assume that there is a certain percentage of BMW owners who just accept the recommendation/diagnosis and just pull out the CC, thinking, it is a BMW after all!
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