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I had the 328d as a loaner and I thought its power was fantastic and I didn't think the transmission shifted too much. I also dislike the new electric steering however, numb, void of road feel, not BMW like. Why I chose to buy an older E90 after selling my X. I've witnessed this same steering feel on the 5 series when I had those as loaners as well.

I didn't buy my diesel E70 for the fuel savings, I bought it for the stump pulling torque and to tow my boat with. Our diesel prices varied anyways and I paid pretty much $3.70 a gallon here in Portland which isn't far off from premium and typically was less. I would imagine with a performance tune there is a lot more to unleash with that engine and it could have been fun to try that out.

At freeway speed was hard to tell it was a diesel anyway but what a great road car. I did think it could be a bit more refined (at first) at city speeds; but it grew on me. It flat out blew the pants off my best friends 2009 X5 with the 3.0si gas engine.

As far as anything VW/Audi related (for me) I'd never go back to that brand after my getting burned on a Touareg. Reliability is just stinky and dealer service experience for me wasn't anything like at BMW. And it's well known reliability isn't VW's strength.

Diesel is pure personal preference. Also - as mentioned, try driving a 80's/90's diesel...I had a 1981 VW Rabbit diesel and learned all about vibration, horrid exhaust fumes, and tortoise like acceleration.
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