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Just following up from work done at Christmas time...
The reinstall of new rear bearings went well, second time around.

I have to apologize for not taking pics. I just wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible... it was COLD out there in the drive way.

In hind sight, I wish I had done the suspension work before buying new tires and wheels. The old suspension wore out the pair of new tires mounted in the rear.... BADLY. So badly that I ended up buying two brand new tires to replace the pair that had worn out pre-maturely .... sheesh.

Before replacing the pair of tires, I held onto hope that driving might wear-in the tires such that the loud thumping sounds would go away.... no such luck.

After two snowboarding road trips totaling 2000 miles... i couldn't wait to get those grumpy noisy bably worn tires ripped off the car.

After changing those two tires... all is well.
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