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Hello Pete, welcome to the forum.

It is a very nice ride you got there, like the color and the trim...

the fuel gauge is running off logarithmic scale (; at least some of the other cars had it so). I would not worry about that part, as long as the scale is properly advising you when you are almost empty, and your real MPG is not in single digits...

on the trunk rattle, unless you have something loose inside the cavities, you may check the rubber stops and see if they can be adjusted...

not sure about the convenience package but

your statement that the driver's door is not aligned with the rest of the car brings up a concern that the door may have been damaged/replaced. You should look deeper into this, and while a damaged and repaired/replaced door is not much of a concern for the driving dynamics of the car, it is still a concern of the full disclosure by the dealer... Naturally, the convenience package relies on antennas that are placed inside the door in order to let you in or lock the car, and a separate antenna to recognise that the key is inside to start the engine... there is another antenna on the passenger side of the car - are you able to activate the keyless entry if you are on the passenger side?

the sat radio should appear on your iDrive menu - is it there? you should be able to get the free satellite channel that advertizes the Sirius - if you don't get it, either the module is not there, or, if it is there, there is no power to it... check for the fuses first, and then check to see if the actual module is there... or, vice versa...

for the coding, there are different venues - you do coding yourself, you get a buddy who does it for you, you contact a person who does it for living... there was a fella on this forum who did it, i forgot his screen name, something "tripple X" or whatever...

for the nav screen - get a screen protector, call it a day...

LED fog lights - you mean LED or HID? HID are using the xenon lights with ignition ballasts, the LEDs are the latest in the lighting technology (is it same as lasers???!)

Lets see what others will say about your questions...

Again, welcome to the forum!!!
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Here is the list of things I have done to the X
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