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Originally Posted by conedoctor View Post
Maybe the car thinks it level or too high so it will not inflate the bags unless you lower the back.
Maybe, I'll look into lowering the car tomorrow morning. Hope it works. It's just that I don't know how low should I go for just to make sure the bag is not affected/broken.

Btw, does the compressor work based on the level and/or pressure sensor?
If it just work based on level sensor, this might be the case. But if there is a pressure sensor, surely the compressor have started already?

Yup it works now, apparently my stand was not low enough to trick the level sensor to start the compressor. I had to adjust using my hydraulic jack :p.

Anyway some update on the tools that should be used on this
1. Removing the right under panel to access compressor: 8mm and 10mm socket with ratchet. I used a adjustable wrench to open the 8mm bolts, it was painful, hehehehe.
2. Removing/replacing air fitting on the compressor and bag: 10mm open wrench.
3. For battery + head: 10mm open wrench
4. Wheel bolts: 17mm on mine, maybe different on other wheel?
5. Torque wrench if you're really that kind of guy
6. Plenty of water if you're living in the dessert

I'm using this for the air springs

Will update again if there's any leak, hope not need.


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