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Well well well...look who's here... the X7!

back in 2009, when I started this thread people were skeptical. now after 5 years, the X lineup finally makes sense... or does it?

let's see what happened: the early duo X3 X5, that were a success, left a gap for a large full size SUV, so BMW scaled up both of them to have the x3 a mid size suv (a little less than mid size) and the x5 a 7 seater (a tight cramped 7 seater) and intorduced the X1 to cover the small SUV... it took them year to realize that X3 and X5 became stretched to a territory that is not theirs! so the X7 will come to provide the full size 7 seater.

The question now is this: didn't the X7 come late to the party? what will happen to the X3 and X5 who had a personality crisis during the last 7 years? will they be scaled down again, now that the 7 seater is here? personally, i hope so, i hope to see the x3 and x5 go back to the e53 and e83 sizes and the x1 will remain a compact crossover.

time will tell!
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