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Well, get your popcorn out.

A quick recap - I did new pads (OE) and rotors (ECS cross drilled/slotted), pumped clean fluid through with a pressure bleeder. Pedal was mushy, and with vehicle on and pressure on pedal, would sink to the floor. I had to take the car in to get them to do some PITA bushings and the coolant tank that exploded, so I had the indy shop look at the brakes too.

These guys have done BMWs for the past 25 years or so. They did everything - pressure, vacuum, pedal, replaced master, software and every combination of the latter. Pedal still sunk very slowly. This was a "fit it in when you have time" kind of arrangement, so it took 4 weeks to go through all this (plus the bushings, suspension and other stuff).

It really had the guys baffled. They brought in guys from the dealer and no other insight. Here's the head scratcher - they proceeded to do the "vehicle on, pedal test" with any X5 that graced the shop over the 4 weeks. They found the same thing with 5 others. When I picked mine up, I tested the pedal on a 4.8 that just pulled in and another 4.4 - same bloody thing. I can't explain the voodoo magic, but they feel ok (not as solid as before I did all this), so we'll see how they bed in and test out over the next few weeks.

So, to prove this whole mess wrong, go out, fire yours up, apply moderate to firm pressure on the pedal and see if she slowly starts to drift down. It is farther than normal braking, so I don't notice an issue when driving, just when parked and doing this. I'd be interested to see how many experience the same. I did read this on another thread somewhere, and couldn't believe it, but I sat in two others and the mechanic did the same. Head scratcher for sure.

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