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  1. Tap into Head unit to get raw Audio bit stream?
  2. How the 3G Shutdown in 2022 Could Screw Your Car
  3. Replacement Entertainment System, what to get?
  4. Adding amp and sub to e70
  5. Weird problem with Android HU (AVIN4)
  6. E53 Xtrons Android Radio DSP Install Issue
  7. 2004 X5 3.0 audio (hifi) system not working.. any help appreciated
  8. Can my E53 provide an internet access point?
  9. I could use some help with a carplay MMI box
  10. Does Eonon even offer an E53 stereo anymore? Reasonable Q alternatives?
  11. aftermarket stereo no sound
  12. E70 Premium Audio Question
  13. Combox replacement
  14. FS NBT EVO Retrofit kit for E70
  15. 10.25 inch Android head unit no sound problem
  16. Avin Avant 4 help
  17. E70 swap top-view ECU for top+SIDE-view ECU?
  18. Android headunit install
  19. No sound from cd autochanger
  20. DashCams - Anyone using them?
  21. Rear entertainment
  22. looking to install DSP subwoofer n Amp in 2004 X5
  23. Car sound line level signal
  24. Dyanvin N6 NAV issues
  25. Help wiring backup camera to reverse light for power
  26. Need Alpine Amp for my 02 X5
  27. Options for aftermarket audio upgrades
  28. 2012 X5 Pre-Wired for rear seat entertainment?
  29. From Factory Updates (Audio Head Unit)
  30. Paging Crystalworks
  31. Belt tensioner error
  32. Rearview mirror Compass stuck at "C"
  33. X53 aftermarket Stereo install - where do I get the switched 12v supply from?
  34. E53 Radio stay on after fuse 7 is pulled
  35. aftermarket radio install killed cold air.
  36. 2010 x5 35d cd player issue
  37. Video module Av Electronic Inc
  38. Factory sub wiring question
  39. 2013 X5 without 6NR...what are my choices??
  40. Business Radio.
  41. Popping speakers on start up e55
  42. E70 Amp Upgrade
  43. '06 E53 Amp
  44. newby aux lead
  45. 2001 E53 w/Nav and DSP: any plug and play aftermarket units?
  46. USB stick only in E53 ?
  47. Problem with backup camera on Eonon GA5166X
  48. SiriusXM Commander Touch
  49. OEM radio issue -- Wife threatening...
  50. Help me pick a head unit Eonon
  51. Retrofitting DSP Subwoofer in E53 X5?
  52. Securing a small subwoofer box in trunk
  53. Touch screen MP3 player using the Aux input
  54. 6NR Retrofit
  55. Eonon D5166X Radio no sound - Canbus adapter faulty - DSP w/nav
  56. BMW Apps
  57. MID issues during Eonon install E53
  58. TV Menu Option Gone
  59. Anyone give a suggestion for an issue with the BMW iPod Interface?
  60. Radio/NAV computer always on?
  61. Radio/NAV computer always on?
  62. Non dsp amp wiring
  63. Help needed with iPod Adapter install
  64. E70 Single rear entertainment system help
  65. NIB MB Quart BMW under seat subwoofers
  66. Eonon D5166ZA (not android)
  67. E70 custom subwoofer idea
  68. Navigation Software
  69. Avin Avant 2 E53 Steering wheel controls
  70. DIY - AvinUSA Avant-2 installation guide including DSP work around and DVR camera
  71. Eonon 5166 working with DSP 2005 X5 Solved :)
  72. Installing D5166 Eonon player WITH PICS
  73. Eonon D5166ZU (newer model) anyone using?
  74. Mild Static/Popping Sound from Speakers (I have searched)
  75. E70 WDS Circuit Diagrams with CIC?
  76. Replacing connectors
  77. 2003 X5 no radio sound issues
  78. 2002 X5 E53 TOP HIFI W/DSP W/NAVI 16:9
  79. 2010 x5 M No BT Audio, No Apps
  80. RADIO is killing me...
  81. Avin Avant 2 Install E53 w/Nav - Very Long and Detailed
  82. Sub and Mid/bass in same enclosure?
  83. e53 replacing radio with eonon GA5166 DVD/GPS/TV/Android4.2.2
  84. 2008 X5 E70 LCD 8.8' display screen has stopped working
  85. E53, XM Direct and OEM IPod Interface conflict
  86. Sat radio crackling and hissing from 1 speaker
  87. rear camera selection ?
  88. Advise on Sound System Build
  89. Wanting to add OEM Sirius to E53
  90. ///AVIN Avant-2 Android 4 w/ Dual Core CPU 1.784Ghz Capacitive 128GB $100 Off
  91. DSP AMP solved! Amp up for grabs
  92. USB cable to factory radio?
  93. E53 gets Alpine 8" nav
  94. Whats best for aux integration and speaker upgrade? Let's hear it, this is happenin!
  95. e46 audio upgrade question) 318ci 2001
  96. Audio problem! Really need help!
  97. Dice Audiovox Mediabridge DSP Installation Help
  98. E53 - Hook aftermarket DVD player to car speakers
  99. What's an Antenna regulator and do I need it?
  100. Rockford upgrade
  101. Raspberry Pi/X5BMC
  102. DrivSafe BSDM Pro-2300 Blind Spot Sensors
  103. Single din slide out
  104. Question on wiring to aftermarket head unit
  105. changing
  106. WTB: non-dsp amp
  107. TV av channel input
  108. Alternator Whine suppression
  110. BMW X5 E53 Full Android GPS Navigation System
  111. Fxx chassis Coding with E-sys
  112. Direct fit replacement speakers?
  113. Will it work?
  114. programming the e53 garage door opener.
  115. iDrive in E53
  116. installing a sub+amp
  117. help no sound
  118. External Roof Antenna Rattle
  119. Newbie MP3 Audio Question
  120. Peltier effect cooling device
  121. Business CD upgrade to NAV?
  122. OEM Ipod Interface Installation
  123. Bavarian Autosport Head unit Upgrade?
  124. Bmw E60 alarm led without factory alarm
  125. OEM Nav display to High MID for relocation
  126. help! I'm totally lost ...
  127. How can I control my Ipod 5 through iDrive ??
  128. Installing Pioneer AppRadio 3 and 8 channel Helix P-DSP
  129. Yet another DSP Amp question (sorry)
  130. DSP question
  131. aux in question re Ipod instal options
  132. Factory amp question
  133. X5 E53 2003 - non-DSP radio install wiring question
  134. DSP Amp question
  135. quick in stall wiring question E53 non -dsp
  136. power for sunvisor lcd monitor
  137. Experience with Hands Free Calling & Navigation Retrofit?
  138. Clarification on e70 audio system
  139. Pins for AUX in/Telephone in
  140. Turn OFF the sub woofer 04-x5
  141. Rear entertainment
  142. speaker size in 2004 X5
  143. Help me chose a Stereo from these 4.
  144. Backup camera upgrade
  145. Intravee II ordered....
  146. Speakers muffled on right side? Help
  147. Downsides to going with aftermarket head unit?
  148. independent shop to enable cd changer port
  149. Dice Ipod Problems
  150. E53 DSP Subwoofer Ohm 8/8?
  151. alternator whine after amp and rf 3sixty.3 install
  152. WTB dice mediabridge
  153. My sons and I sub box experiment
  154. Installing a double Din Kenwood
  155. Retrofit Bluetooth 2004 X5
  156. Use a USASpec PA-12bmw dsp to connect aftermarket HU??
  157. Using Factory HU
  158. audio volume turns off after a few mins
  159. Audio overhaul breakdown
  160. NEWB Questions ... iPod & Phone Functionality on NO NAV WITH DSP
  161. X5 Radio problems
  162. MP3 and USB stick
  163. Suggestions to mount iPhone 4S above NAV radio for music and using it as nav on E53
  164. Will this Headrest DVD fit on E70 ?
  165. Alpine HCE-C500 topview camera
  166. Intravee inventor has passed away
  167. Radio+Flip up screen problem
  168. X5 2008 amplifier swap? Is it plug and play?
  169. IBUS fom resellers.
  170. How to go from DSP to only BM24
  171. Bavsound E53 X5 Stage 1 - New Low Price
  172. iPhone 5 AUX connection cable options
  173. water in trunk/DSP problem
  174. Need help... Losing battle with Dynavin install!
  175. 2005 X5 4.8is (E53) iphone connection...
  176. anybody who has DICE currently getting an iphone5?
  177. MID Versions X5 Compatibility
  178. E70 w/RSE - play video on both screens
  179. E53 AUX Cable Question
  180. front L tweeter problem
  181. Lost sound in couple of speakers in 2007 X5
  182. E53 Amp Upgrade Question
  183. 04 DSP WIRING
  184. Cheap CD Player to replace BMW CD Stacker!
  185. Bavsound Sounds of Summer Video Contest! Win Bavsound Cash!
  186. 03 X5 Business Radio Module to replace 02 SatNav TV, possible?
  187. Will HiFi Amp Improve Base Sound System?
  188. Help with Hi-Fi center channel speaker
  189. installing Nav HU WITHOUT Mark IV
  190. 3.5mm input jack connection to socket is loose
  191. Latest options for quality sound in E70?
  192. Digital Video Recorder and cameras...
  193. New guy question....subwoofer?
  194. Subwoofer enclosure fabrication
  195. Pioneer AVIC D3 install in 01 x5 w/nav
  196. Custom Sub boxes
  197. BSW representative
  198. Rear Door Speakers Help Please
  200. Considering the Dice Mediabridge...
  201. I would like to upgrade my x5 speakers by BSW
  202. VST Headrest Monitors
  203. Replaced Stock sub tonight with new Stealth Kicker.
  204. Dynavin install help
  205. | BSW | Soundplicity BMW iPod / iPhone Integration Kit
  206. e53 Aftermarket Stereo install Question
  207. So I ordered the DICE Mediabridge from BSW... and that is when it started.
  208. Old School iPod Connection....question
  209. 2012 x5 std audio sucks
  210. Speaker wires from DSP amplifier to speakers
  211. 2007 X5 4.8 iPod video playing on Nav screen
  212. Brodit Proclip - X5 - Hiding cable
  213. OEM BMW eject box frame for iPhone on E53 now available
  214. 2008 e61 headrest wires
  215. OEM Microphone and Mediabridge
  216. BMW X5 E53 Business CD player 03+ Part number
  217. 2012 X5 diesel audio issues
  218. Audio System Confusion
  219. Y-cable USB pinout question
  220. How to improve the Sound Quality produced by Dice Mediabridge?
  221. X5 Ipad JL & FI Audio Project Build Up
  222. 2012 x5 diesel with BMW apps
  223. Szenco (Enco B139) Head Unit
  224. HELP PLEASE!!! 12v Switched Wire for DVD Headrests
  225. DSP Amp Replacement
  226. DICE Mediabridge issue-haven't sen this one discussed anywhere else...
  227. BM53/BM54 Radio with Single Disc MP3 Player
  228. Dice I.Pod adapater to Canada
  229. BMW Accessory Control Menu
  230. Found BMW Stealth Box Enclosure on ebay
  231. E53 DSP OEM Speakers
  232. alternator whine
  233. DICE will charge, but not connect! Frustrated
  234. What a good Video Interface for X5 E53 4.6is ?
  235. DSP BMW & Knowledge
  236. Satellite radio e53 to e70?
  237. [B]Analog to Digital TV[/B]
  238. wiring diagram
  239. Removing BMW factory fitted Ipod
  240. Auxilery Cable
  241. Aux in cable, Europe only?
  242. Backup camera image pulsates after relay install?
  243. Crackling from left midrange.
  244. Damaged Igo8 SD card for my Dynavin
  245. CD player - no sound
  246. Ipod/Iphone charging
  247. New Audio Project
  248. Instruction needed for Mediabridge with DSP
  249. Need help finding CD-changer wiring in '06 X5
  250. DICE I-BMW-T with iPhone 4