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  1. Retro Fit Sat Nav and TV
  2. Radio Module Harness Flat Pin-Round Pin
  3. DVD Map Designation
  4. What Nav Will Work.... Heeelp
  5. mk3 to mk4 what diffierences
  6. What do I need for NAV TV retrofit?
  7. Problem with TMC info
  8. Where can I download v22
  9. HELP - 16:9 screen (single disk behind the screen)
  10. navigation brightness not working
  11. Just Ordered an X3: Will it have NAV OS V27??
  12. Navigation Weirdness
  13. Where to download 2006-2 files?
  14. V27 Upgrade OK but No perspective
  15. Deal or no Deal?
  16. Putting stock Nav back in, need pictures
  17. question about v27 update
  18. Aftermarket 16:9 screen
  19. mkIII nav v27
  20. BMW links of nav os update
  21. Question about the version of the GPS DVD
  22. 16:9 screen
  23. Going to update NAV first time
  24. Navigation loosing position
  25. MK4 reads Navigation CD but not DVD?
  26. MK4 Radio Navi to TV Navi MK4 programing???
  27. Audio level fluctuated with speed
  28. help with tuning on monitor backlight of x5 3.0d sport
  29. What's the latest firmware version for MKIII?
  30. Unplugging the Nav Drive
  31. MK 4 Nav unit question
  32. help for tv module
  33. Trade in your MKIII for a MKIV
  34. Radio Module Question - BM53
  35. Has anyone ordered from TVonNAV recently?
  36. HUGE Navigation problem!!! Not the same old same old
  37. V27 Software Upgrade on E46
  38. Updating from Version 4-1/12
  39. Will this work as a retrofit ??
  40. Can anyone help me to find out correct +12V wire?
  41. Navteq upgrade
  42. Navi software v17 required
  43. Need help NAV TV Video In Motion problem?
  44. new splash screen wont work
  45. Replacing Broken Nav Machine best way?
  46. problem downloading
  47. BMW Assist
  48. 2 quick questions...
  49. Nav: Hidden Menu Option: GAL?
  50. newbie nav help please
  51. Temp displays on Mini Cooper Nav w/ v27
  52. Splash Screen - when it comes on
  53. No street names at ANY elevation in v27?
  54. v27 upgrade
  55. v27 to v26 to v27 with splash...No Auxilliary Ventillation!
  56. v27 to v26 to v27 with splash...No Auxilliary Ventillation!
  57. TV module - the help is very necessary !
  58. Wrong MK3 unit bought
  59. Question about starting the vehicle and NAV display
  60. Please help 2006-2 help
  61. 2006-2 Europe High DVD available
  62. Upgrade questions? Someone?
  63. MKIII always points North - can't change
  64. navi issue after v27 upgrade failure: any idea?
  65. Which Map Dvd - High, Business Or Pro???
  66. Menu in your own languages
  67. other problems with mk4
  68. problems with mk4 and v27
  69. Warning when Near POI?
  70. Screen Brightness Settings
  71. 2004 model X5 Navigation CD for Turkey
  72. DVD Nav doesn't have a few cities in it...
  73. Help to change language an maybe more...
  74. MKIV DVD Died?
  75. wires from the mkiv computer
  76. No splash Screen?
  77. Help deleting addresses
  78. postcode search
  79. Nav DVD
  80. V27 Perspective mode tweaking
  81. X3 sat nav/on board monitor manual ?
  82. How to burn navteq 2006.2 dvd
  83. Nav OS CD stuck!!!
  84. My X5 has now reached cruising altitude...
  85. will this module also play the nav dvd?
  86. MKIV on my E39
  87. Need help with MkIV Drive - CD Stuck
  88. Navigation Interference
  89. SatNav DVD with Speed Camera POI
  90. Help
  91. rear and front camera
  92. i need your help guys PLS
  93. Navi soft V15
  94. New joined
  95. Arriving time shows --:-- pm
  96. Ok I'm baffled
  97. spoken language change on the v.27
  98. Enter in Secret MENU
  99. V27 and Birdseye
  100. another question on the monochrome vs color MKIV issue
  101. Sirius and BM53 Question
  102. X5 Navigation Wiring Harness
  103. mini MK4 Dvd will it Fit E46
  104. V27 killed my TMC....
  105. Issue after v27 update...
  106. What does Route Magnet feature do?
  107. OS V27 on MK3
  108. linux song in NAV OS ?
  109. X3 Navigation Retrofit
  110. Navigation=Yards | Voice Control=Meters
  111. After the update V27, the System canít find the Navi. DVD.
  112. I need help fast!!!
  113. display contrast while navigating
  114. icons
  115. V27 No street names in 2D view
  116. Splash screen question
  117. MKIII language change?
  118. Observations regarding V27 and USA 2006-2 DVD Rom
  119. screen of the navigator. Help!
  120. TV/DVD on Nav screen...Does anyone sell anymore?
  121. GifExtractor unable to exchange Mini boot logo
  122. Nav Hacker Unite / Someone Please Help
  123. Shutting Off Voice Guidance Instructions
  124. Radio Service Mode - Too elusive for me
  125. Map Disc Rant
  126. TV ON NAV...Vendor?
  127. MK4 Nav DVD
  128. Problems on upgrading OS MKI to V26
  129. Change language to US for MK4
  130. Navigating the navigation
  131. Unacceptable V27 issues.
  132. Question about Navteq 2005-2
  133. X3 Onboard Monitor/Sat Nav Screen Help !
  134. V27 Mod verification
  135. Nav screen without computer
  136. Problems with gif extractor
  137. Vers. 27 Help Me
  138. BMW HighSpeed And Professional Nav Unit
  139. Will a MK4 DVD SatNav Drive from Z4 work in an E39
  140. MKIII KeyCd anyone have a copy of it
  141. Small issue after Mk3 <> Mk4 swap
  142. Scrolling on the navi
  143. Weird v.27 NAV problem - 'de-install' possible?
  144. Nav gone into default mode how to re-install?
  145. V27-and street names
  146. V27 ON mK3
  147. Anyone have a problem with the V24 file?
  148. Custom X5world V27 - plus bonus offer for Premier Members
  149. varification of what model of GPS system
  150. Wheel Speed Sensor Says 0
  151. MKIV nav position indicator getting itself lost
  152. Can upgrade my MK3 with a MK4 unit bought in Germany (
  153. E 39 Wiring Loom
  154. Is it possible to change from USA female
  155. Here is how to re-enable Aux ventilation if you installed the V26.09 beta!
  156. Nav OS V27 has been released
  157. v27?
  158. 6590 6 920 182-04
  159. FM1 FM2 and FMA program station no longer work on steering control
  160. Navigation Eu Map 2006-1
  161. Nav fuses for Mini and E46
  162. Use your BMW OEM 16:9 screen as a Touchscreen for a carpc!
  163. Can I downgrade from V26
  164. Change male to female voice
  165. V26 on MkIII
  166. Navigation v26 Scale Question
  167. Navigation BMW Splash Screen problem ?
  168. Just got back from the dealers!!
  169. How to check version
  170. Update on V27 for BMW NA
  171. V27 available now!
  172. OS upgrade has wiped out half my menu!
  173. Lost BMW assist
  174. Why does my NAV always show the Menu???
  175. Retrofit of sat nav
  176. Battery died after NAV upgrade! ???
  177. MKII Drive problems
  178. Radionavigator to 4:3 monitor
  179. change logo in MK3
  180. problem with Navi OS
  181. New article authored by JV on removing stuck CD in nav drive
  182. Some questions about update(V26+Birdview+Bootsplash)
  183. Wiring Loom
  184. Change the language mk3
  185. How To Eject Stuck Cd From Nav
  186. map dvd - which version ?
  187. I can't get my display back to Radio/GPS
  188. Succesfulle upgrade of the voicefiles
  189. Accept Screen Question
  190. Download link for s/w does not work
  191. Navi system for BMWs
  192. Custom X5world V26 with Perspective View
  193. Nav Cd Stuck In Mk3
  194. What kind of MK4 drive is this?
  195. Nav Upgrade - leads to Great MPG numbers?
  196. Anyone try installing the range rover OS on their MK4???
  197. Software for MFD2
  198. How to Fix ETA (arrival time) Issue
  199. Can I translate all the menues in to diffent laungues?
  200. stable V27 including 3D is coming soon
  201. Turning off the voice
  202. Changing the voices
  203. Updated FORUM rules.
  204. Splash Screen Logos only
  205. Current Options for upgrading your MKIV to perspective mode and Changing Logos
  206. nav cd? 2001.5
  207. Adding features such as Off road navigation
  208. '01 E38 What software version to use????
  209. Nav volume is stuck. (help)
  210. Looking Into Aftermarket Navi/Dvd System
  211. Which version please???
  212. Editing splash screen on V26 for Mk3 sat nav!
  213. Can the splash screen be altered in all versions of OS?
  214. Nav wiring Harnes.
  215. Question 4 the Experts (v26 Hacked)....
  216. Nav time of arrival change....
  217. New Options
  218. Will this fit in my 01 X5?
  219. Anyone else kill your Ice-Link?
  220. V26 stuff. Help a lady out!!!!!
  221. Since we're hacking things now, NOMAD? 2WIRES? HELP !!
  222. New version of V26 hacked with toggle for Pointing North
  223. Toggle between split-screen vs. full-screen
  224. Cracking/Changes the voices in the Nav
  225. Navigation Noob
  226. 2006-2(US) Nav disk released
  227. Navteq releases map software 2006.2
  228. Going to the dealer to recode my NAV...
  229. How Easy To Install
  230. Is it worth it????
  231. Enabling Features in the V26 code
  232. HELP!! Need v25 software for MK IV
  233. Where can I download the british voice v26 software?
  234. 360's...
  235. V26-09a Problems or Bugs Encountered
  236. VW and Google Nav System...
  237. Interim solution for BMW splash screen with v26.09A
  238. Help!!!! re download v26.09a
  239. Navigation disk DVD 2005-2
  240. Editing Splash Screen on V26-09a Beta
  241. Nav & Dealership
  242. Finally Won!!!!
  243. DVD searching
  244. Bordmonitor retrofit
  245. 2001 NAV 4:3 screen problem
  246. Will MBZ Map CD work in X5 MKIII?
  247. anyone in Nor Cal have access to a GT-1?
  248. Nav V26.09A (Beta with Perspective View)
  249. Will the dealer upgrade my Nav software for free?
  250. Does anyone has cd with soft ver14 or earler?