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  1. Article on CV19 Origins
  2. Texas and Mississippi to lift coronavirus restrictions
  3. Black and White vs. Shades of Gray
  4. Filibuster and it's last remaining power
  5. Religious Differences – Does it Really Matter?
  6. What’s The Matter With Joseph Biden?
  7. 264 vs 214 projected as of 11/04 6:32pm EST
  8. Karma, Death, and Apology
  9. Death of a Great Pioneer
  10. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man.....
  11. Did you get your $1200.00
  12. Trump Predictions
  13. Confederate Battle Flag Issue - It is about time...
  14. Speak Up for Fair Repair. From Electronic Frontiers Foundation
  15. No Privacy In Affordable Care Act
  16. Boston Marathon Bombing...
  17. The Right To Shoot Tyrants Not Deer
  18. 333,000 Babies Aborted in 2011
  19. Its 10:00, do you know where your 401k is?
  20. So what's the deal with this Fiscal Cliff thing? (Sound off right here)
  21. $33B in foreign assistance
  22. The Petraeus et al Soap Opera...
  23. Obama wins re-election
  24. 2012 Election Thread
  25. So this is what US leadership is all about!!
  26. Food stamp growth 75x greater than job creation
  27. 2 vids: Benghazi attack and Pres. interview
  28. Catherine Austin Fitts...Fiscal Cliff 2013?
  29. 1%, 99% or 47%? Nope...70% pissed off after election
  30. What's the matter with Donald Trump.
  31. Gerald Celente 10/19/2012
  32. I can't believe it's been so quiet here.
  33. Funny video
  34. Are dictators better?
  35. Four years ago this was the hottest fourm on X5 World
  36. Paring Knife? We Need a Butcher Knife...
  37. Did Somebody Say Colombian Prostitutes?
  38. President Obama a little confused about the SCOTUS
  39. TSA Spending Graphic...
  40. Interesting read....
  41. SOPA & PIPA...
  42. The incident involving the Marines urinating
  43. Rome Was About to Catch on Fire, but...
  44. Love this rant against the Occupy movement
  45. Ron Paul Highlights - CNBC Debate
  46. Warning, contains very VERY foul language
  47. Trader on the BBC says Eurozone Market will crash
  48. First Post
  49. Oh Sarah Oh Sarah where art thou.
  50. Gas tax may be next Tea Party target
  51. Leaderless in the US...
  52. Come on guys!
  53. "Driving Miss Crazy."
  54. Thoughts from NC
  55. The performance of a life time
  56. Very interesting craigslist post about Obama...
  57. Obama did what Bush Couldnt!! :)
  58. Reactions to Barack Obama's long form birth certificate
  59. Bill Cosby on Donald Trump
  60. USA !
  61. Anybody wanna toss around a hot potatoe
  62. Too Big to Fail
  63. The US, Viewed as "A Company"...
  64. uh oh, is Hollyweird starting to turn on Barry O?
  65. Scammers Dream Come True/ US Direct Express Card
  66. Gas Prices Could Rise to $5 Per Gallon
  67. This is a bit much huh?
  68. Egypt.
  69. First-lady and bo surprise white house visitors
  70. Comment from a "Balloon head"
  71. State of The Union Tonight
  72. VA Governor lifts open-carry ban in State parks
  73. Sarah Palin Battle Hymm
  74. Jared Loughner is just "a lone nut"?
  75. I will reduce the influence of lobbyists and special interests. (YEAH RIGHT)
  76. Obama, doing a good job
  77. Why Sausages Are Better Than Lawmakers
  78. The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water
  79. VOTE!
  80. Director (he worked so hard for that title) David Zucker blasts Senator Boxer.
  81. What will happen to England?
  82. Oh, Canada...
  83. Good rant!
  84. "The Earth Doesn't Care"...
  85. Interesting Read on Post 9-11 Bureaucracies
  86. Build It, Finance It, Don't Pay It Off...
  87. "The Bitter Truth" About America's Future: Big CEOs Bash Obama
  88. And some people really thought like this...
  89. If you voted Democratic, and you don't know why... pick your reason
  90. Divorce.....
  91. Who caused the global financial crisis ???
  92. The American Community Survey? "No thanks"
  93. Stanley McChrystal at risk of losing his job
  94. Rep. Barton apologizes to BP for Obama 'shakedown'
  95. BP agrees 20 billion----
  96. Obama to send 1,200 troops to US-Mexico border
  97. Chicago, hasn't changed much..
  98. Rand Paul
  99. very dangerous movie: Machete could spark race war
  100. Former Mayor Giuliani, unbelievable.
  101. So the tabloids are reporting an Obama affair.
  102. OK...Finally we get the truth from Obama and his agenda.
  103. First, they said no to MLK Day... Now this.
  104. The true cause of Financial Crisis
  105. OK one for everyone
  106. Here's a Global warming moral dilemna for you
  107. "Freedom Alliance" org...
  108. Glenn Beck is entertainment only !!
  109. That's right, bend over upper middle class.
  110. 50% of Americans don't pay federal income tax
  111. April is Confederate History Month in Virginia
  112. If you ever donated any $$$ to Republicans
  113. Obama: This is the first step to eliminating private insurance
  114. Quicksilver: I'm sorry, I just found this out....
  115. Another test of Obama's Honesty and Credibility
  116. So you think the "wars" cost money...
  117. New healthcare bill . . . WTF!
  118. Can't wait America. Get ready to save $2,500 a year ; )
  119. Obama on the "Louisiana Purchase" for Health Care
  120. When a Bill is Just Deemed to "Pass"...
  121. NY DailyNews: Rangel just like Nixon
  122. Obama names brother of undecided House Dem to Appeals Court.
  123. New charge on dinner tab "Health Fee"
  124. If it were Bush the Democrats and Media would be screaming
  125. When will we expect more from our leaders
  126. Welcome to Kenya
  127. Hmmmmmm
  128. Hypocrisy and our Government leaders
  129. Al Gore
  130. The words "Energy", "Tax" and "Lift American Spirits
  131. A more common perspective
  132. Please Help Move The Terrorist Trail in NYC
  133. Obama's previous pledges... I'm not making this up
  134. What is with Obama?
  135. Yale Bookstore wants its employees to speak English...
  136. Brown just declared winner in MA
  137. General Order #1
  138. Can Brown beat Coakley
  139. Oh, and by the way.....
  140. Haiti Disaster, whos fault?
  141. Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson are being scolded for their comments
  142. This should be lots of fun
  143. Light-skinned with no negro-dialect -------->
  144. Tiger and All the Other Foolers...
  145. Awesome video
  146. So what did you all think?
  147. Video - And now, a message from the administration on the economy
  148. Tiger's tips for Obama...
  149. Queen Elizabeth, Putin and Bush in Hell
  150. Just imagine if this was G-Dubya
  151. "You are Retard"
  152. I sure as hell hope this is wrong - it couldn't happen, could it?
  153. Interesting read on Afghanistan & Iraq...
  154. Obama Speech on Afghanistan
  155. Climategate - What do you think?
  156. Funny video clip - President Obama in China
  157. Iran vows to expand its nuclear program
  158. obama's homeland adviser
  159. Is Sarah Palin the GOP's top candidate choice for 2012?
  160. Biofuels: Tell me it isn't true
  161. Geithner wants a strong dollar
  162. VA swings Republican
  163. In the News Today.........
  164. Whats next, VAT?
  165. Obama White House Blog Shoots Messenger
  166. pay czar
  167. Listening To Noble Lies - 10-23-09
  168. Nancy Pelosi Accident
  169. a lawyer's opinion
  170. greenspan's opinion
  171. Why did the Chicken cross the road? Funny but true
  172. outsourcing law writing?!?
  173. Did you see this opening statement by Mike Rogers on Healthcare?
  174. Obama and Iconography
  175. Thinking of setting up a brothel?
  176. more examples of bullcrap.
  177. Obama, The Mortal
  178. What Ever Happened to Respect for the President?
  179. Break Obama's teeth, Oh God.
  180. Unbelievable that this man is part of this administration
  181. We see through you, Obama....
  182. More food for thought
  183. President Obama's speech to students outrages Oklahoma GOP legislators
  184. Food for thought -- 545 versus 300,000,000
  185. Credit Card thieves...
  186. Yup, Capitalisim Sucks
  187. McCain speack with angry crowd
  188. What's behind the anger in health-care debate?
  189. So..does it..or doesn't it....
  190. Attack on Obama riles Beck's advertisers
  191. White House condemns decision to release Lockerbie bomber
  192. Mass Dems loved the plan when Mitt was gov..
  193. Finally, US has Spoken...
  194. Current Federal Health Care Benefits...
  195. America if full of stupid people, and they can vote
  196. America if full of stupid people, and they can vote
  197. Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush
  198. Camille Paglia Give the Liberals a Thumping!
  199. When do you call it corruption?
  200. World's most famous community organizer...
  201. send a letter to your senator about health care
  202. Congress Gets An Upgrade--WSJ
  203. Some thoughts on cash for clunkers
  204. Obama's approval rating falling faster than your 401k
  205. What economists think of policy.
  206. Fannie/Freddie
  207. Obama 'Joker' Poster Causing a Stir in L.A.
  208. Australia Terrorist attack was imminent
  209. obamacare
  210. Recession eases
  211. Beer choice at Obama meeting touches off new debate
  212. this should upset some folks :)
  213. So would you survive on this logic?
  214. Black Panther's, Philadelphia
  215. Well, Powell has gone completely off the deep end
  216. Cash for Clunkers, another government effort
  217. obama birth certifate
  218. Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo
  219. send in the clowns...
  220. Big bust not far from home. / corruption of mayors
  221. Woohoo
  222. Aww, remember that whole transparency in government thing
  223. Awesome: Voters laugh out loud at Democrat’s promise that ObamaCare will save money
  224. Healthcare reform--politically motivated...
  225. Hey less than afluent, start paying taxes ;)
  226. double trouble
  227. obamacare
  228. anonymous
  229. Cows, Constitutions and Commandments...
  230. What a wonderful group..
  231. Replace federal tax system with Fair tax system
  232. Hey Wagner...There is hope yet
  233. This is why Government should not get more of our money
  234. $1,191,200 of economic recovery funds for a 2lb Ham
  235. Will Congress who will vote for the public health plan, use it themselves?
  236. 10th Amendment, States Rights...
  237. Orly Taitz is at it again....
  238. G8 summit 'booty call'
  239. Senator’s parents paid $96,000 to his mistress
  240. I know how to solve California's budget problem.
  241. What do you guys think McCain would of done different if president?
  242. Stimulus spending
  243. Palin resigning as Alaska governor on July 26
  244. Sotomayor, Supreme Court...issues.....
  245. tea party
  246. 1300 page Cap and Trade bill given to Congress YESTERDAY
  247. "We're drowning in unprecedented levels of red ink"
  248. The Flesh is Weaker than the Spirit...
  249. Cash for Clunkers, another fluff policy
  250. Just saying, NK threatens to wipe US off the map...