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Old 01-19-2006, 10:06 PM
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Final Stage Resistor Replacement

Final Stage Resistor Replacement

Symptom: You lose the ability to control the fan on your heating/AC control panel and the system fan randomly fluxuates in speed.

Cause: Final Stage Resistor is defective

Solution: Replace the Final Stage Resistor -

Original Part Number 64 11 8 383 835
Replacement Part Number 64 11 6 923 204

Step 1: Remove the passenger side carpeted trim along the console. There is one screw in the front you have to take out and then gently pull to snap the clips out. Slide the trim to the front and work it out of it's place. Once the trim piece is free, unplug the hidden 12V outlet and set this to the side. The inside of the trim piece is a reverse image of this:

Step 2: Remove the hard plastic trim piece that is below the glove box by removing the two twist nuts and the one screw. Once the piece is free, carefully disconnect the interior light and set the trim piece aside.

Step 3: (note: several members have reported that this step can be skipped) Remove the glove box. Open the glove box and remove the 4 horizontal screws that go across the top of the glove box opening. Next remove the pin that holds the plunger on the left side. Next gently press in on the stopper on the right side of the glove box to allow it to drop to a lower position so that you can remove the vertical screws that are on each side of the glove box opening (one on each side). Carefully remove the glove box from the opening. Once it it free, disconnect the wire to the flashlight and the wire to the glove box light and set the glove box aside.

Step 4: Carefully pop off the plastic heating duct and set it aside.

Step 5: Locate the final stage resistor unit.

Step 6: Press in the lock tabs and unplug the cable that goes to the final
stage resistor unit. It looks like this:

Step 7: Once the cable is unplugged, push down the lock tab that is on the lower side of the Final Stage Resistor and carefully wiggle it out.
Here is what the Final stage resistor looks like. The old one is on the left and the new one is on the right.

Step 8: Gently slide the new Final Stage Resistor into place, making sure that the lower locking tab snaps into place.

Step 9. Reconnect the cable back onto the Final Stage Resistor and do a quick check that the system is now working properly.

Step 10. Once you have verified that everything is working normally, follow the steps in reverse order to put everything back together.

Estimated time for entire project: 1 Hour


(note: For owners of Right Hand Drive vehicles, the FSR is still located in the same place, so you do not remove the glove box. Rather you have to access the FSR around where the brake and accelerator pedals are located.

In addition to removing the trim on the gearbox tunnel, the footwell light and the lower trim on the stearing wheel has to be carefully dismantelled. The diagnostic plug on the strearing wheel trim needs to be removed by slipping the blue retaining clip on the back.

The footwell light needs to be removed by unclipping the transparent retaining clips; that are part of the lens, on the inside, and is accessed by opening the black protective cover. Both these pieces of trim give the required access to the FSR.

Please also note that when removing the self tapping screw near the bonnet release leaver is particularly dangerous as you can loose the screw into the internals of the plastic trim.

The strearing wheel column clamshell is attached to the steering whell trim by a flexible plastic gaitor and some clips.

Removing the gaitor is easy putting it back means the steering wheel column clamshell needs to be split open. The easiest way of doing this is to use an old credit card and slip it through the crack pulling it back towards the steering wheel. This enables the clips to be released easily and reducing the chance of breaking the clips.

Kudos to vdesilva for providing this information on right hand drive vehicles )

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