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Quicksilver 05-03-2007 06:01 PM

Is this a GSM/W-CDMA variant phone? Anybody got one? Does it work with the X5 ? http://www.nokia.co.in/nokia/0,,101663,00.html

Eric5273 05-03-2007 07:27 PM

None of the Symbian OS phones seem to work with the BMW bluetooth system. The best you can hope for is that they connect, but address book transfer is hopeless.

davipt 05-16-2007 04:32 PM

E61i is a GSM/3G device. I doubt it will work in USA. I have a similar phone (E60, similar software) and I can try it on our X3, but as Eric said, I doubt it will work with the BMW. I've tried a N70 (older symbian software) and it failed miserably. It connects to the car, but always refuses to send the sound back to the car speakers (and no addressbook). On the other hand, I have the same issues with all my SonyEricsson devices (disclaimer: I work for Vodafone Group at Germany) - the only device that works 80% of the time is the K750, all others work only around 20%. Usually they work on the first call, but later they never send the sound back to the car. :( I've kind of given up the bluetooth module from BMW.

Tom G. 05-16-2007 06:32 PM

I had one - it works in the US, but will not transfer the phonebook with BMW Bluetooth. I wasn't a fan of this phone due to poor reception and shape.

davipt 05-21-2007 05:14 AM

Confirmed. I've tried hard to make a Nokia N70 and a Nokia E60 to work with our X3 '06 (navi pro + bluetooth module), but they never coorporate. Forget about them, and any other symbian device :(.

On the other hand, I've retried my SonyEricsson K800, and this time it worked perfectly. I've tried several combinations (turn car off, turn device off, etc), and it always worked nicely, with sound both ways and everything :) much better than the K750 :)

Johnnya 10-10-2007 03:39 PM

works fine on my X5, bu no phonebook

Quicksilver 10-10-2007 10:34 PM

OK Thanks.....

r207 10-11-2007 05:56 PM

no problems with my e61 or e61i on my 06 x3 with factory bluetooth, no phone book though

apetrov1x5 11-05-2007 09:00 AM

did anyone tried to send all contacts from the phone via bluetooth to the X5?

i think you can do that, but the problem is the syncronization (the contacts in the phone are changing continuesly, but in the car they stay like the first time you transfered them :-(

abster641 11-06-2007 04:23 PM

<<<This worked for me with my N95 and CK3100 like a charm..
Go to
Nokia 810 Contact Download Application for Nokia S60 3rd edition devices
Save the file to your PC and transfer to your Nokia handset.
Once saved to your phone, delete the bluetooth pairing between the car and
the phone.
Go and sit in your car
Run the 'Contacts Download Manager' which will be seen as an icon under
your Applications folder.
Follow the instructions on the phone and in about 2 minutes
the address book will be downloaded into the car's memory...>>>

I found the above information on several forums related to the Parrot bluetooth and the Audi in car bluetooth systems that were not syncing the phone books for the Nokia systems. Does anyone know if this will work for the BMW system? I need to replace my POS crapjack and I would like a Nokia phone. I had a P910a from Sony Ericsson but those don't seem to work very well with the BMW bluetooth systems either.


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