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progue 06-20-2008 12:33 PM

2004 X5 and update TCU
Hi all,

I am interested in upgrading the TCU on my 2004 X5 3.0 to take advantage of the bluetooth capability. As I understand it, the most up-to-date part number is 84106965056. Where can I purchase it?

Also, will I need to have the dealer program it?

ca911 06-23-2008 09:41 AM

you can purchase through bmw for around 700 bucks, the dealer will have to program it, you also will need a bluetooth antenna for the car

Sfurumi 07-12-2008 01:49 AM

Hi, I'm a newbie here, this is a great site!!

I checked the part number of TCU 84106965056 with the dealer, aND was informed that it was superseded by part number 84109132711....

Does anyone know the difference? I do have an 2004 (4/04) X5, with Assist but No Bluetooh. Like everyone else with an 2004 model, got the passkey code and everything but does not work. Wanted to upgrade and saw the post above to say that was the most updated TCU, however getting a different info from my dealer. I dont want to be stuck with an old TCU just because the dealer wants to get rid of it....does either one have Voice Recognition?


ripp222 07-15-2008 08:12 AM

Different part numbers of the TCU will usually have different software. Later part numbers will support newer Bluetooth profiles.

Have the dealer search for relavent SIB's. There are 2 bulletins which address 2004 model year X5's depending on your build month.

Any TCU manufactured after 09/2004 should have built in Voice Recognition.

For my 2/04 X5 I just added the CPT9000 phone cradle in the center console ($100) and then used the BTUM module ($185). The vehicle had to be coded using the "retrofit path" so the "vehicle order" included the phone option. The bluetooth works fine, but the BTUM will likely not support some of the latest phones...

apw2607 07-15-2008 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by ripp222
Any TCU manufactured after 09/2004 should have built in Voice Recognition.

No they dont !!!! BEWARE.

The first batch of BT/Assist TCUs from 09/2004 and 02/2005 did not include voice commands for the phone

Only after 03/2005 did they include voice commands. Do a search, because I'm pretty certain I posted info back then on the part numbers involved.

I'm pretty certain that if you buy one now, it will include voice commands and it will be good. The dealers can now flash the boxes with new firmware.

ripp222 07-15-2008 05:48 PM

Does this mean Combo TCU's before 09/2005 don't have ANY voice commands, like for controlling the navigation or the notepad? or just the phonebook ability is missing?

How do you know the TCU's can now be flashed at the dealer? I thought the only control units which were programable on I-Bus vehicles included the engine and transmission control units (though most can be coded). Is this done through Progman using the lastest CIP disk?

apw2607 07-16-2008 05:29 PM

TCUs prior to 09/2004 not only don't contain ANY voice commands, but they dont even include Bluetooth functionality. Its a BMW Assist function only.

From 09/2004 - 02/2005 BMW Assist + Bluetooth (No Voice)
From 03/2005 - now BMW Assist + Bluetooth (Voice commands for phone only)

My TCU was flashed by my dealer due to a fault. It was updated with new software. BMW sent out flashing kits to dealers as so many were failing. I dont know for certain, but I believe its seperate S/W and not part of the progman release disks, as like you mention I-BUS vehicles are limited on what can be flashed or coded.

ripp222 07-17-2008 08:41 AM

Thanks for the details. Interesting stuff... which generates another question:

Can you use the SES module with all of the Assist TCU's? Or do the later one's with Voice Recognition for the phone conflict with the SES box?

apw2607 07-17-2008 04:03 PM

You can use the standalone SES module with TCUs from 09/2004 - 02/2005 BMW Assist + Bluetooth (No Voice).

This will include voice prompts for NAV, Notepad and Phone.

You wont be able to use the SES module with the TCUs that contain voice, as the moment you push the steering wheel voice button, both systems will begin talking to you. I know, because I tried.

I wouldn't bother with the standalone SES voice module. Its horrible. The moment you connect it to the system, regardless of it being in use, you will get a noticeable audio "hiss" from the module. Known problem.

ripp222 07-18-2008 09:33 PM

I've had a different experience with the SES voice module. I'm not using the most current one, but have the the 519 one installed in my E53 and the 352 in my E38. No complaints. Is there a SIB about this "hiss"?

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