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Old 08-21-2009, 09:25 AM
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I've had pretty good luck with my Actron scanner. It has helped me tremendously on multiple jobs. I believe in the E53 Bentley Manual, they have a cross-reference section between the P-codes and the BMW codes.

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Old 08-21-2009, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Bimmer Ese View Post
I've had pretty good luck with my Actron scanner. It has helped me tremendously on multiple jobs. I believe in the E53 Bentley Manual, they have a cross-reference section between the P-codes and the BMW codes.

That's the thing; The P code I was getting, was completely off, faulting Bank 2 instead of Bank 1. My indy mechanic and I were examining the options as to whether it was simply faulting the relationship between the two and it was telling me bank 2 was too lean when really it was because bank 1 was too rich. Who knows at this point? But when they hooked it up to their GT1, they got the BMW code and that was more accurate. So I think I'm going to save myself some headache next time.

EDIT: And ultimately, you were right about it being an O2 sensor.
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Old 06-16-2014, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Wayne's World View Post
OK so to finally put this issue to bed after troubleshooting this since March '09, here was my prob (all of them):

1. Used stupid Actron or generic OBD-II scanner to get P codes instead of BMW specific codes
2. After cat O2 sensor in Bank 1
3. Didn't take it to my indy sooner

So after biting the bullet and taking it to my indy Integated Automotive Services (IAS) in Easton, PA [Love those guys], they gave me the BMW code of 235 which was equivalent to P code P1190, not P1092 as I had been getting all along. So I coughed up the $30 for that diagnosis (I'm a cheapskate).

So my problem rested in bank 1, not bank 2 as I had been troubleshooting.

Nevertheless, the BMW code 235 simply translated to: "Pre-cat sensor Bank 1, Trim Control". I used my 330i - ODB-II Codes this translator/converter and plugged in P1190.

Problem was, the Pre-cat in bank 1 was new. Both bank 1's on each side were new. Going on the mentality that the after cat sensors played no part in fuel metering and simply monitored the health of the cats, I disregarded them when the after-cat sensor in bank 1 was the culprit. After reading extensively on definititions and explanations of P1190 and the BMW 235 code, I still came up with nothing. Except 1, one, sole entry in a forum thread that actually made sense. Where this guy got this explanation from, I have no idea, but it sounded official. I found it here: Anyone know what this fault code means? - Bimmerforums - The Ultimate BMW Forum

The explanation was: BMW fault 235 = O2 sensor-heater, Post Cat. (Bank 1) Insufficient heating. "Checks the amount of time it takes to heat the o2 sensor to a predetermined limit as measured by the change in the lean signal. The test occurs during deceleration only."

It made sense because when I first took the car to the indy, the day before I had reset the light which resets the collected data. I took it for a short trip (about 30 miles) then to the indy. They said that whatever was tripping the light off, did it 32 times in that trip. I thought to myself that it is entirely possible that I decelerated 32 times.

So I picked up the O2 sensor at my local NAPA and popped it in. While the SES light was still on the dash before the repair, as soon as I got done, the light went off immediately after starting it up.

It's been about 3000 miles now since the replacement and all is well. Although gas mileage was relatively unaffected while this issue went on, I'm now averaging 20.6MPG over 2000 miles as opposed to my previous 19.1. I've also learned a valuable lesson and will never trust the generic P codes again and instead, will always get the BMW specific code first.
Yikes. How cryptik our cars are. I had to re-read your post I wasn't getting it at first. Bottom line is that you found it to be a post cat bank 1 O2 sensor, correct? Makes total sense on my wifes 04 X5 as I replaced both pre cat sensors just a year ago.

Just wondering, is this the correct part number? 11-78-1-433-940-M14

Thanks for this post.


2004 Gray/Gray 3.0 X5

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Old 06-16-2014, 11:55 AM
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Thanks for posting the solution.

Wish everyone here that posted a problem would post the solution once the problem is solved.
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Old 07-20-2015, 08:24 PM
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So did this wind up working long term? Just new 02 sensors?
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Old 02-03-2018, 05:44 PM
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I’ve been chasing this code for over a year. I also got bitten by the odb telling me this was a lean bank 2 (P1092) and BMW code telling me this was rich bank 1 (235). In the Bentley manual they show 235 mapping to both P1092 and P1190.

Over a year ago the first Indy shop I went to told me it was the MAF — “because I had a K&N airfilter and the oil ruined the MAF”. I was doubtful about it being a bad MAF based on my monitoring of the MAF signal vs rpm. My fuel trims were rather high LTF around 7-8 and total getting into the teens. The car was running perfectly. In retrospect there were a few times (over a few years) that it would be rough staring if the car had sat for a long period. As second start would clear it right up - so I didn’t worry much.

I needed to do my 100K tuneup so I did primary O2, plugs, air filter, inspected coils/boots, etc. I did not do the secondary 02 at the time since they seemed like a bear to get at without a lift and most said it had little to do with the fuel trims. Likewise I had planned to replace the fuel filter but working under the car in the cold with the chance of getting covered in gas just didn’t seem appealing.

Eventually I gave in to the advise of the “pros” and popped in a new MAF — which seemed to clean the code for a month or so.

A few months later I was driving on the hiway and a got a fault for my idle control valve and the car went into failsafe mode – now the occasional rough starts made sense! When I pulled the idle control value it had a bunch of carbon build up and the valve failed to move when I did the shake test. I cleaned it and once again the code went away for a little while. Once the code reappeared, I decided that the cleaning wasn’t sufficient so a put a new one in – but I still had the code.

After extensive reading on a the bmw forums and talking to folks at BAVauto, I dug in and replaced my ccv — what a PIA. My dipstick tube was completely clogged with solidified mayo. I used a wire on a drill to clean it out — and then really struggled to get it back in since the old o-ring was a bit swollen. I still had my light and now I seemed I had an oil leak as well.

I discovered that while installing the ccv, I broke the locking ring on the pipe going from the valve cover to the ccv — since I could not see it too well I thought the “click” I heard was it locking in place — not the ring snapping. That explains the sudden oil leak.

Since winter was setting in and my emissions sticker needed to be renewed, I decided to take the car to a second Indy shop in the area to replace my vc->ccv hose. I was also hoping he would put in my secondary 02 and change the fuel filter for me – since I still hadn’t gotten around to it.

He then called back to stay I needed 4k+ of work on the X5. He had also found some suspension issues and recommended a trans flush (for $750). He said I not only needed a hose from my VC to CCV, I needed to replace the entire CCV (I told him it was just done), my oil stand gasket, VC gasket, dipstick tube, oil pan gasket, and power steering lines. All items that typically need attention on a X of this age - so not a bad list. He also stated that he would not install any user furnished parts – so I still would not have new o2 or the fuel filter unless I wanted to buy them through him. I had him go ahead with the suspension work and had him hold off on the trans/engine work. In addition to my previous codes now I was also getting P0174 / P0171 (fuel trim out of range) and P0241 misfire #4 cylinder.

It got unusually warm for a couple of days so I decided to replace the VC to CCV hose. This time around however I started by buying a smoke machine off eBay - especially since the indy told be I had found a bunch of vac leaks. Once I got it hooked up and figured out, I was to verify the leak at the VC to CCV hose but did not see any others. Once I replaced the hose, I used the smoke machine to verify the fix prior to putting all the intake pluming back in. Much to my surprise, I still had a leak in the VC to CCV house - when I gave it a good tug, the hose pulled off the CCV.

With the help of a little lithium grease around the connector and a lot of wrestling around, the hose snap into place a locked this time! Gave it a few good tugs and it stayed put. Smoked it again and not a puff of smoke came out of the engine.

I figured I was home free – the lean codes and misfire cleared – but the 1092 / 235 code persisted and would trigger on every cold start trip. I thought it might clear after the engine gets nice and hot but no dice even after 130 miles of driving.

Then I found this thread - can't believe I missed it before. The next morning I went to my corner gas station and asked the mechanic who owns it if he would pop in my 02 and fuel filter. It’s only been a couple of days and 100 miles or so but once my scanner showed I was ready for an emissions test, I ran over and passed the test just fine.

In the end I took care of a bunch of maintenance issues and my fuel trims are in the .8->1.6 range. I still have to upgrade my dipstick tube, and may develop VC gasket leaks and oil stand leaks eventually, but for now she’s running like new. I’ll deal with the PS lines and dipstick tube this spring. Hope this helps someone!
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Old 07-26-2018, 11:05 PM
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P1092, P1093, EB Trimming bank 1 and bank 2... MY SOLUTION

Recently purchased a 2004 E53 with 145k miles with Service Engine light on. Codes were P1092 and P1093 with generic scanner and "EB Trimming, Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter bank 1 and bank 2" with an autophix es910 scanner.

So after months of reading through the forums I tried the following:

1. Vacuum leaks (None found)
2. DISA Valve (Changed gasket)
3. Replaced all 4 oxygen sensors (Definitely not necessary in my case)
4. Cleaned air filter - (Looked fairly new)
5. Ran two trials of injector cleaner in gas.

I cleared the codes each time I did something new and the codes would return within 10-15min every time or 5-10 miles.

In the end it was the simplest of solutions and I'm sharing so that everyone does not make the same mistake.


Seriously. I couldn't believe it. I realize after the fact that whenever I cleared the codes, all adaptations were not cleared when using the Generic Scanner or when using the Autophix scanner. I had to go under "Special Functions" when using my Autophix scanner and specifically select clear adaptations.

I've put 1,500miles on the car and there has been no Service Engine Light. Also, my MPG went from 14/22 to 16/25.

Hope this helps someone. I just joined about 10min ago and paid the 25 cents just to be able to share this.
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Old 05-31-2019, 08:59 AM
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P1092 or BMW 235 Fault

2006 E53 X5 3.0 Automatic
I know this is an old post, maybe someone will see this, but there were two fixes listed here one was a post cat oxygen sensor and the other was by clearing the adaptations.
Can the person who found the post cat oxygen sensor to be defective tell me if they ever measured the heater resistance of the o2 sensor or were they getting voltages on that o2 sensor that were not correct before they replaced it?
For the person who resolved it by clearing adaptations can you please tell me which adaptations you cleared as there many. I am using INPA to see my data.
As I am currently experiencing the 235 fault and replaced just about everything except the o2 sensors which seem to be reading ok and my fuel trims are also reading under 10%. I have also smoked the engine and have no vacuum leaks.
Freeze frame data also looks normal, and when I look at the frequency of the fault in INPA it counts up really quick up to max 255 within a week or two.
I am going to try and replace the 2 post cat oxygen sensors this weekend and see if thatís it or not.

Thanks guys.
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Old 05-31-2019, 10:51 AM
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Reset the fuel trim adaptations anytime you replace an o2. I just replaced all 4 of mine though probably only needed to replace one of them. Check engine light was intermittent until clearing the adaptations.
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Old 11-08-2023, 10:56 PM
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6 months ago I replaced both of my upstream O2 sensors (Bank 2 was giving me a 236 error) and cleared the errors using INPA. Every time I cleared the errors it (236) would come right back after 20-30 miles. Tried new plugs, new ignition coils, several fuel injector cleaning fluids to no avail. I kept looking for possible solutions when I saw this thread. I cleared all the Adaptations in INPA and voila...NO MORE ERROR CODES!
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