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Old 10-03-2011, 07:45 PM
aimtimes100's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: new york
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electrical problems on an X...just can't get enough
air bag light and an actuator not unlocking electronically and stereo problems are
MID won't turn on,kinda.what i mean by kinda is the screen won't light up with info but when i turn on my headlights the lights for all the buttons come on perfectly.the result?i can only play CD's and have no control over functions that have the slightest thing to do with the OBC. Recently my steering wheel controls have been acting up, for w.e. reason i loose the ability to change the volume or track randomly.sometimes it works.sometimes it doesn't. I read somewhere about a TCU being the problem but i havent been able to confirm this nor find much info on it
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Old 03-05-2012, 09:25 AM
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: usa
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mysweetx5 is on a distinguished road
Need some advise folks!
Briefly, here's my problem: After the car been parked overnight no problem
Got up in the morning driving ahead and found out both sides signal wasn't
responded at all, not even blinking inside. Both headlights were on without
turning the switch button, while dashboard was black out But when turning
the car off, all lights goes off except the right side door signal that remain on.

I than go home checked all the fuses, they all seems to be fine. I disconnected the negative battery for tree minutes, and reconnect, everything back on track as they should except the rear right light that remain on all the time, also left signal front/rear are not working, driver side fog lamp is not working either.

01 X5 4.4i
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Old 03-06-2012, 11:11 AM
BavariaTexan's Avatar
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Location: Dallas, Tx
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Originally Posted by Rafa View Post
Hello guys!
I love my '02 X5, 130k miles and I need help from the Xoutpost gurus to help me troubleshoot my baby, I think it is a short because it happens intermittently, here are the symptoms:

Itís either the entire list below or none:
1. Seat Belt light on
2. No Steering Wheel controls (none)
3. No Wipers (front or rear)
4. No Horn
5. No lights on the vanity mirrors
6. The buttons where the heated seats and DSC cancel are not working
7. Tail Brake lights (sides and center) stay on all the time when the switch is on position 3.
8. Radio works independently from the car, it stays on after I shut off the engine but, stays on 25 min while driving and then shuts down, does not let me access the computer settings, not even set the time on the clock.

I have checked all the fuses and they are ok. I am thinking on two possible solutions:

1. Change the battery, there is no trouble at all when starting the car, not even in cold days but the guys from autozone checked it and the tester said bad battery plus the LED in the battery is not lit. ( I donít know how old the battery is though)

2. Change the ignition switch, but I think it may not be it because the airbag light is not lit and when opening the mirror in the passenger side visor nothing happens (no steering wheel movement, nothing)

Last month during a heavy rain my interior lights were suddenly turned on and started dimming, the DSC, BRAKE and ABS lights also came on at the same time, along wiht the trans fail safe prog. Before that day everything worked fine.

Please share your thought with me, I try to ignore it but I can't it's just really annoying
I had this same issue in my 2001 4.4. I ordered an ignition switch and fixed it myself. It took care of every problem you are mentioning.

I will look for the DIY that I used, it was perfect and took about 30 minutes to replace.
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Old 03-07-2012, 01:49 PM
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: usa
Posts: 205
mysweetx5 is on a distinguished road
Weirdddd electrical issue

I have similar problem but some symptoms are different than you described.
It's hard to explain all the issues that I'm having, the passenger rear light
used to remain on all the time even when car is parked and not running.

This morning I disconnected the negative 1st, and removed the entire
battery and took it to Autozone for testing. However the 1st test revealed
bad battery, and tried a 2nd time, test revealed Good Battery but reached near of Battery's life. Otherwise, there are no sign of weakness for the
Battery, it starts the car right up anytime no problem, even after lights
remain on for several hours.

I also tried the sun visor test but unfortunately didn't show anything
different. Right now, I don't have any signal on both sides,
1-Right side lic. plate light and right rear remain on
2-No seat belt indicator light on dashboard
3-Both head lights/rear lights are blinking with dashboard like a police car
even when key is out of the ignition or while driving.

Before, all accessories inside used to work great no problem
but now they begin to mess up. My dashboard light is also blinking
all alone with the headlight.
sometime I have my seat belt attached correctly but indicator light
shows seat belt light illuminated on dashboard.

What could it be Folks?? I'm going crazy......
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brake lights, electrical, horn, wipers

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