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dannyzabolotny 10-15-2017 01:22 AM

2003 X5 4.6is for sale
Hey all,

The time has come for me to sell my beloved 2003 X5 4.6is. It is Black Sapphire Metallic on Black Nappa leather.

This X5 is about as loaded as they get, featuring a MKIV nav, sport seats, sliding cargo tray, heated seats front & back, power adjustable rear seats, tow hitch, and more. Here's the VIN so you can check the history and check the options (I use bimmer.work for that): 5UXFB935X3LN80178

The mileage is a bit high, at 215,000 miles, but I assure you that this X5 is in better shape than a lot of X5's with 140k miles. The interior is in excellent shape, with no tears of cracks in the leather. I've kept it very clean and conditioned the seats regularly. The paint is in excellent condition as well, with a beautiful shine and very few defects aside from the usual rock chips on the hood.

I feel this X5 really shines in terms of the maintenance that has been done to it, both by me and the previous owners. I have some service records from the previous owners, along with receipts for everything I've done. Here's what I've personally done in my ownership:

- Full timing chain guide rebuild. All 3 timing chains were replaced, chain tensioners were rebuilt, Vanos seals were replaced with the Beisan kit, valley pan gasket was replaced, and the OSV was replaced as well. I personally did this whole job, and it was my 10th M62tu chain guide job. The engine was timed with the GAS timing tools and runs beautifully, with no roughness or error lights. I also had the valve covers powder coated by a local shop, the engine looks great with them.

- Partial driveline rebuild. The original front driveshaft slipped out at one point and destroyed its splines, along with the ones in the transfer case. I sourced a good condition used 4.6is transfer case (it's a 4.6is-specific model) from a lower mileage car, replaced the transfer case chain, and installed the new transfer case along with a brand-new 1" extended driveshaft from Cobra Transmission. Everything fits together very well and there's no more slop in the driveline.

- Secondary heater valve replaced. This is a common issue with BMWs of this era, the typical symptoms are cold air blowing from one side and hot air blowing from the other side. I installed a brand new Genuine BMW heater valve and that fixed the problem completely.

- Had the AC recharged. Whoever charged the AC previously had over-pressurized it, which was causing the compressor to go into failsafe. I had a professional technician check it and do a full recharge. After the service, I was getting vent temperatures of 38F in 110F weather.

- Replaced an ignition coil. I noticed the idle was slightly rough one day and using INPA I diagnosed an ignition coil that was on its way out, but not enough to throw a CEL. I replaced it with a brand new OEM Bremi coil and that took care of the problem completely.

As of right now, the X5 runs and drives perfectly. There are no error messages or check engine lights. The transmission shifts perfectly in both regular and sport modes, and the transmission was rebuilt by the previous owner at Complete Automotive in Seattle (this X5 lived most of its life around Seattle before I bought it). The engine feels quite powerful and it's a great vehicle to drive. Sadly, I don't drive it very much anymore, since I have a 2000 540it as my daily driver.

In the interest of full disclosure, here's everything that's wrong with the X5 (mostly minor stuff):

- Missing pixels in the gauge cluster
- Dead spots on the MKIV nav display
- Steering wheel adjustments and driver's seat memory don't work. I'm told this is a common issue caused by a failing driver seat control module. The seat adjustments work fine and the steering wheel is in a decent position so it hasn't really bothered me.
- Steering wheel looks a bit worn
- No spare tire
- Front driver window and passenger window have some scratches in the tint

I'm located in Phoenix, AZ. Feel free to text me at 917-251-7046 if you have any more questions. I have the clean title in hand.

The price is $8000 or best offer. Truthfully, I'm not sure how to price an X5 4.6is like this because of the mileage, but I do know I've put a lot of time and money into fixing the common issues. Make me an offer.

Here are some pictures of it:











dannyzabolotny 10-18-2017 01:06 PM

Bump? Anybody?

amancuso 10-22-2017 09:21 AM

Looks great, Danny. I just think it's the high-miles that's deterring people, even though you have the proof of all the repairs.

Skeletor 11-23-2017 10:29 PM

I'll trade you my black 5 speed:D

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