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Old 02-20-2012, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by teamplayer2003 View Post
I have installed the TCU.

Initially it said "Activate Phone", so I "retrofitted" the module with SSS Progman v32. Which returned as successful.
No idea about TCU's, but the regular ULF says "Activate Phone" if there's no already-paired phone in range.
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Old 02-26-2012, 12:32 AM
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ambishop is on a distinguished road
After waisting a lot of time with TCUs, I have found it is best to stick with the ULF modules. Best Sellers BMW Bluetooth Kits All EURO models 1995-upto 03/02 mfg. date has the BITII to ULF conversion using the ULF module

The TCU works in this setup as well, but I have found the ULF modules far better and less troublesome than the TCUs.
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Old 04-01-2012, 06:13 PM
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teamplayer2003 is on a distinguished road
OK Here is my update, its still not working but I am yet to make my adaptor for Navcoder as Navcoder is not working with my ODBII cable.


I can successfully see the TCU in ,INPA, NCSExpert and SSS Progman V32.

I can code the TCU Module in SSS and NCS Expert. I can change settings in INPA.

The current status is:

Bluetooth is active
If I press the R/T button I get a message "Please Wait"
There is a red flashing light on the MID.

I opened up the TCU after getting frustrated and found at UK sim Card in it. I removed this but with no change. I then removed the "Sony Ericsson" GSM Module from the TCU and now the Red Light is Solid On, however I still get the Please wait message.

After reading the error codes it would give an occasional a message about the GSM Antenna not being connected. I am about to get an adaptor cable to connect from the TCU to the GSM in case this is causing the TCU to time out.

Any Suggestions?
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Old 04-01-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ambishop View Post
After waisting a lot of time with TCUs, I have found it is best to stick with the ULF modules...

The TCU works in this setup as well, but I have found the ULF modules far better and less troublesome than the TCUs.
Good to hear from you. Do you have an I-Bus based BMW these days that you are testing with? Can you elaborate on what you mean by "far better and less troublesome?" I have one of your original Bimmernav kits, but my first-hand experience with TCU modules in several cars points to better performance with the TCU modules.
2000 E38 750iL Highline Edition, Upgraded with the lastest 2006 X5 Electronics
MKIV Navigation, 16:9 Display, Bluetooth, TV/Video with Backup Camera, Sirius, and Aux Input
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Old 04-05-2012, 04:50 PM
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Location: Tauranga
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teamplayer2003 is on a distinguished road


To update I am still getting the please wait message.

Using Navcoder I can see that the TCU is coded correctly, it has the correct vin, bluetooth is enabled and other settings look good.

There is still the red flashing light on the MID. However when I put in a New Zealand Sim car into the TCU (By opening it up) The red light no longer flashes. However the please wait message still remains.

I removed the NZ Sim as it made no difference and the flashing red light returned. If I remove the Sony Module from inside the TCU (Modcule which the Sim car is insterted and the GSM antena is connected) the red light will stay solid.

I coded the TCU with SSS Progman V32. It codes successfully and I have attempted to recode several times.

HOWEVER: When I first installed the TCU it had the message Activate phone, however I would not detect the bluetoothsignal. I was advised that I should code the TCU to the car. Which I did. Ever since it has said "Please Wait".

I attempted to download an use the V38 SP-Daten files for SSS Progman, however I cannot select the TCU to code so I reverted back to the V32 files to try again.

I then also tred to recode using disv44, this again was successful but didnt change the please wait problem.

INPA can see the TCU, I can change settings. But all I get is "Please Wait"

The are no errors in memory.

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Old 10-08-2012, 09:25 AM
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Rango is on a distinguished road
THought I would resurrect this thread. I get exactly the same as DLClarke (Searching... then Activate Phone after 2 mins wihtout anything showing up on BT enabled iPhone). Did he, or anyone else, manage to get BT working? I seems odd that it's saying "Searching" on the display then switching to "Activate Phone". This to me would mean that it is going into auto pairing mode.

Or is "Searching" mean something else?

For reference I have a 2001 E53 which I have retrofitted with a UK TCU. The x5 used to have a BITII system so I changed the wiring on the 54pin plug as per one of the posts on this board.

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Old 03-15-2013, 05:23 AM
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frozenwaffles is on a distinguished road
I too am suffering from a similar issue. I bought a tcu from a 2005 x5 to put in my 2001 x5. I bought the db25 adaptor from ECS tuning, fitted everything (mic, antenna, cables, etc)...
So when I first installed it all I only got 'Activate Phone', no bluetooth signal on my iPhone 4.
Then I tried coding via DIS and this really didnt work... I coded ECE professions Telephone or something like that. It coded sucessfully. Then I tried to add Bluetooth 2 I think, it gave error 'coding code could not allow this' or something to that effect.
I tried doing retrofits, recoding, etc... No real luck with this.

Now I can't even get to this unit via NavCoder. It acknowledges it's a ECE TCU GSM unit. But it just times out with an error message and none of the fields populate.

If I do this with BMW scanner 1.4 though I can see the mode, bt name & passkey, etc all just fine!

However I still have no signal and I also get 'No Response from Unit' via INPA.

I was told that the TCU was tested in a x5 before it got sent to me.

I'm not sure what I should do now?
My car came with SA640A from factory.

I did also sucessfully make a call via the EMERGENCY option to 112 on the board monitor!!!
When it did this it didn't seem to use the iPhone but rather the TCU?!?!?!

Part no of TCU is: 84.10 6964113-02
X5 2001 4.4i E53
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