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Xoutpost 01-09-2006 11:05 AM

Installation of a 4.6is exhaust on a 3.0i BMW X5
Contributed by: SchnellMDrei

Hey Fellow Bimmerphiles,

I am writing this to share with you all my recent project. This has actually
taken about 6 months to complete because much like most of you, I have been
researching the possibility of retro'ng the 4.6 exhaust on either 4.4 or the

Before I proceed, I want to clearly state to all 4.6 owners that I am not
trying to pass my SAV as a 4.6. For what it is, I love my 3.0 X5 it's a great
economical daily driver(22-25mpg) and bahn burner as well. I simply just LOVE
the look of the 4.6. (Clean and Masculine without sacrificing the original
looks of the X5 WE all love) But I did not feel I should indulge in a trading
up simply for the look alone. Call me a poser if you like, but I did get the
look I wanted in the end. - And isn't that what being an enthusiast is all

Okay, now for the fun stuff. After constantly harassing my local techs, and
the wonderful guys at Pacific BMW (Luis and Arnold are the best), I got the
nerve to purchase the exhaust. Upon further inspection of the piping (thanks
to xoutpost.com's archival mod page) I realized that the parts after the cat on
all the models were pretty much the same. In this I mean the bends and angles.
However, the 4.6 units ARE definitely meatier. The hangers too had to be
replaced as the 4.6 units were different. If you want the exhaust to align
properly through the bumper, you will need to purchase these as well.

Install was pretty straight forward and took less than 1.5 hours with the
right tools. The exhaust sounds much livelier. Cost wise, I think you will be
hard pressed to choosing an Eisenmann or ACS, or the Borla over the OEM
exhaust afterall, I don't know the specific if any hp increases the exhaust
brings. All in all however, simply purchasing the tip is a short term answer
as I am sure rust at the weld joints will at some point cause the tip to
deteriorate more rapidly. Just my experience with welded tips.

Personally, I am happy with the outcome of my project. It has been a long time
coming and I simply wanted to share with you all my experience since I myself
have gained plenty of knowledge through the months of visiting this great

If you have any questions, please email me, and I'll be happy to help if I

[email protected]">SchnellMDrei





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