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Xoutpost 01-09-2006 11:05 AM

How to fix the frozen door lock problem
Contributed by: bmwtech2003

Fixing Frozen Door Locks

First remove the actuators. You

will need a 4 or 5 mm allen to remove the door lock. There is a rubber
plug on the inside of the door, remove it and you will see the allen
bolt. Unscrew the allen bolt, it will not come out so don't force it.
After the bolt is unscrewed, pry thr trim piece that holds the door
lock cylinder torards the rear of the door about 2mm. Then pull the
cylinder and trim piece out.

Next remove the door panel, there areseveral
t20 bolts in the door panel, 1 behind the airbag plastic trim piece, 1
in the rear of the door pocket and 1 or 2 behind the trim near the top
of the door that fits into the inner door handle. If you have lit door
handles, be very careful when removing the door panel or you will snap
off the light wire.

Undo the airbag and let it hang. If you remove the
airbag and turn the key on, you will have an airbag light on and the
dealer will have to reset it.

Carefully remove the back half of the
water barrier by cutting the adhesive with a razor blade. Try not to
damage the barrier or you might have water leaks.

Remove the door lock
actuator/latch assembly from the door.

There is a bowden cable that
attached to the door handle. Clean this cable and lubricate with axle
grease. Get a thick rubber surgical glove 1mm (blue is the usual color)
and cut a cinger off of the glove. Fit the glove onto the cable, zip
tie 1 end to the cable, fill the finger with grease and zip tie the
other end closed.

When reinstalled, this should not leave any cable
exposed and will keep the cable lubricated where it won't freeze.

know it sounds a little wierd, but I fixed a couple of X5's with this and
haven't heard back from them yet.

Good luck!

(Note: there is also a BMW service bulletin on this -
SB515102 )


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