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Old 02-14-2008, 03:38 PM
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2004 & Up Headlamp Bulb Replacement DIY

Long time member and user of many helpful hints and DIY tips that I figured I would like to use this opportunity to contribute as a way of saying thanks to alot of very helpful members.

I've searched and searched but really haven't found a step by step process in replacing xenon bulbs from year 2004 and above so here it is.

First of all, you need a bendable extender socket wrench like this. It really made it easy for me to do the job especially when it is really tight at the back of the headlamp and if you're like me who doesn't want to remove the whole bumper...you need this


Remove 4 bolts holding the headlamp cluster to the body. Two on top of the cluster which are black and two at the back of the cluster which are just silver/no color

Once you pull the headlamp cluster out a little, it should give you enough room to take out 4 screws that are on the back of the headlamp cluster by using an allen wrench preferrably the bendable extender which is pictured above

There is a black plug at the farthest left side next to the fender of the back cover. Use two fingers to press the top and bottom of the plug to unlock then pull out. Once all 4 screws have been taken out of the back of the headlamp cluster, use a flat head srew driver to pry open the back. It is a bit tight so be patient.

Now that the back has been pulled open it shows a metal block with a wire plugged into it. Simply pull/slide the plug backwards to remove. Then grab the metal block and twist till it stops then pull out.

Once the bulb is exposed, there are two metal prongs holding the bulb tight. All you have to do is use a finger and press it in towards the center then it releases. Do the same thing to metal prong on the other side of the bulb. Then when both prongs are released just pull the bulb out.

Make sure you wear gloves or use a rag to hold the bulb. Don't touch the glass part with your fingers since our fingers have natural oil and it will break the bulb when heated.


It is pretty much the same on the driver side but you have to deal with the air filter box. Again, there are 4 screws that holds the cluster. Two black screws on top and two silver/unpainted screws on the back. There are two bolts that are close to the fender. Just take those two out and pull the hose that leads to the center vent.

When the air filter/box is lose, lift up and push backwards toward the windshield a little so you can have more room to work with. Unscrew the 4 screws that are holding the back of the cluster so you can have access to the bulbs.

Again, there is a plug on the farthest right next to the fender. Use two fingers to press the top and bottom of the connector to unlock. Once all 4 screws are taken out, take a flat head screwdriver and pry open the back end of the cluster. When open, pull/slide out the wire that is plugged to the metal box. Once unplugged, grab the metal box and twist until it stops then pull out.

The bulb should be exposed but don't forget to use a finger to push two metal prongs lose. Push towards the center then out. Do the same to the other side of the bulb. Once both metal prongs are released. Just pull bulb out.

When done replacing bulb. Just put everything back the same way! Good luck! If anyone needs help, don't hesitate to PM me and I'd be glad to help you out. If you're local...let me know and I can come over or something.

Hope this helps some of you!

Pics of the results aren't that good. But I upgraded to 6000K D2S bulbs that I got from ebay!


'04 BMW X5 3.0i TitanSilber Metallic
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