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Old 06-23-2010, 09:43 PM
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This is a faster and easier way to replace than doing it by the book . 30 minutes with 2 experienced engineers in no hurry . it may take you longer to set up for diy . you might want to bookmark this page or save to file for future reference . I may keep adding edit though so bookmark anyways for any updates .

you should read the article by hayaku by clicking on articles at the top of the page to get more info on tools and cleaning the cv joint . his procedure is done by the book . EDIT - ok = here is the link http://www.xoutpost.com/articles/x5/...mw-x5-e53.html
the search function at top of page will show other cv boot diy .the last 2 pics on this page are borrowed from a thread by generx . I did not need to use this method .
you should study and understand everything before attempting this job if you do not have mechanical experience .

I shall explain a couple of methods to use , depending on your tool kit .

the standard method involves removing the 36mm -12point collar nut which is very tight . you can carefully remove the bmw centre cap from wheel to access and slightly loosen the nut .
raise both front wheels off ground and secure car with jack stands .
remove wheel .
remove collar nut . some penetrating fluid at this point will help free axle later .
remove brake calliper and secure . do not stress brake hose.
turn steering slightly to turn hub in . this will allow axle removal .
for this part you should place a jack under hub assembly. a qualified assistant would be very useful . remove top nut and bolt from strut and secure abs sensor cable . remove lower nut and bolt from strut . the hub will be free to tilt but keep upright .
you can now fit tool to push axle out or you can use a drift and hammer.
once the axle is loose you can tilt hub to let axle free .
remove the clamp bands from boot .
hold axle shaft , keep pressure on it toward inner boot whilst you hit outer cv joint away from shaft , by now you will realise the need for assistance .
clean cv joint as required .
fit new boot over shaft.
fit new spring clip to shaft.
fit cv joint
grease up and and clamp boot .
reassemble .clean any grease from brake disc using brake cleaner or solvent .

if you can not remove axle nut you can leave it on and remove the inner cv joint . once you remove the large clamp band the joint will pull out of cup easily . remove circlip . remove triple roller bearing . remove boot . you can then remove and replace the outer boot by sliding it along the shaft .
last 2 pics with captions borrowed from generx to show inner cv joint.

bmw tech killcrap says you can remove bolt from lower control arm to allow axle removal instead of removing calliper and strut bolts . I don`t know , never tried it .
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